lock washer

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Noun1.Lock washer - washer that prevents a nut from looseninglock washer - washer that prevents a nut from loosening
washer - seal consisting of a flat disk placed to prevent leakage
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"I put a washer, lock washer and wing nut on the rod to match the length of a frame.
I chose several 3/4-inch Ball Lock Washers. Using an electric impact wrench and hand torque wrenches, I tried the washers with 3/4-inch and 5/8-inch B7 studs on piping flanges.
Still using lock washers? Wake up and smell the thread adhesive.
On the right side, insert one hexagon head screw, NSN 530500-685-3511, with a lock washer, NSN 5310-01-433-0941, through the lanyard tab and pintle lock and into the pintle.
If you find a loose bolt, replace both the lock washer, NSN 5310-01-457-3292, and the bolt, NSN 5306-01-185-7048.
Your mechanic will replace the bolt, NSN 5306-01185-7048, and install a new two-piece lock washer, NSN 5310-01-457-3292.
Say no to their refusal by adding a lock washer, NSN 5310-01-531-6129, between the tightening knob and the cable connector on both ends of the cable.
If you need new lock washer to go with the screw, use NSN 5310-00-959-4675.