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a. A protocol followed in an emergency that involves confining people in a secure place, such as the confinement of prison inmates in cells after a disturbance, or the locking of students and teachers in classrooms after a violent attack.
b. A situation in which this protocol is undertaken.
2. A facility, such as a prison, where people considered to be dangerous are locked inside living quarters or otherwise confined.


(Law) US a security measure in which those inside a building such as a prison, school, or hospital are required to remain confined in it for a time: many schools remained under lockdown yesterday.



the confining of prisoners to their cells, as following a riot or other disturbance.
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Noun1.lockdown - the act of confining prisoners to their cells (usually to regain control during a riot)
internment, imprisonment - the act of confining someone in a prison (or as if in a prison)


lock-down [ˈlɒkdaʊn] n
to be in lockdown, to be under lockdown [place] → faire l'objet de mesures de confinement
to be on lockdown [prisoner] → être confiné(e) en cellule, être confiné(e) dans sa cellule
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com, hit up @TitanicLockdown (#titaniclockdown) or like Titanic Lockdown on bakebook.
A CITY school was put on lockdown after a man was spotted behaving suspiciously nearby.
District 120 issued a notice Monday afternoon, saying the lockdown lasted for "a short period of time.
Delta Security has helped Essex-based Woodbridge High School to further enhance the safety of its pupils and staff, with the installation of new swing gates that automatically close and restrict access in the event of a lockdown situation.
For the safety of patients, staff, and visitors, the hospital was on lockdown for a period of time.
A BIRMINGHAM pub was on lockdown after a man wielding an AXE stormed into a carvery during Bonfire night.
If that was theirs they'd be panicking after hearing they're on lockdown.
The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) announced on Sunday the designated lockdown routes in Metro Manila during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit on Nov.
Parents at one school in Hartlepool contacted The Gazette after their five-year-old was involved in a mock lockdown.
September 13 (ANI): The White House was placed on a security lockdown for some hours after a suspicious packet was found.
LAHORE -- Punajb Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif Tuesday said due to obstinacy of the 'sit-in party', the national economy was severely affected, as an attempt was made to ruin the economy through sit-ins and a lockdown.
A lockdown is exactly how it sounds: inmates are ordered to remain in their cells, sometimes days at a time, and cannot leave them to use the showers or seek medical attention or phone their lawyers or family.