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(lŏk′ər-ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
1. Relating to, found in, or appropriate for a locker room: locker-room interviews.
2. Bawdy or crude: objected to their locker-room language.


censorious (of behaviour, esp humour) typical of that found in a male changing room; crude

lock′er room`

a room containing lockers, as in a gymnasium, factory, or school, for changing clothes and storing belongings.


of, characteristic of, or suitable to conversation in a locker room; earthy or bawdy: locker-room humor.
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-- The players' union representative from the Miami Dolphins says the fallout from their bullying scandal is overblown because every NFL team has a similar locker-room culture.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE has revealed he will pick "locker-room partnerships" for his Ryder Cup wildcards - and not base his selections on golfing ability.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE admits he is set to upset Ryder Cup hopefuls by picking "locker-room partnerships" for his wild cards instead of basing his selection on ability.
Former Associate Editor Matt Welch and Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie won the Entertainment/Reviews/Criticism/ Column plaque for Welch's essay "Locker-Room Liberty" (May 2005) and Gillespie's Editor's Note describing the piece.
Moods change and rage runs through the locker-room. Moose eventually learns the truth, but is afraid to betray his coach, who assures him that the rumors about steroid use are false.
With the year's best gay male kiss, locker-room antics, and a family fight over an aviary, it was the most original show of off Broadway's '04 season.
But such locker-room humor diminished with the arrival of shaped skis, because they were much shorter than their predecessors.