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The withholding of work from employees and closing down of a workplace by an employer during a labor dispute. Also called shutout.



the temporary closing of a business or the refusal by an employer to allow employees to come to work until they accept the employer's terms.
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Noun1.lockout - a management action resisting employee's demandslockout - a management action resisting employee's demands; employees are barred from entering the workplace until they agree to terms
opposition, resistance - the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with; "he encountered a general feeling of resistance from many citizens"; "despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead"


[ˈlɒkaʊt] Ncierre m patronal


[ˈlɒkˌaʊt] n (Industry) → serrata
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No more were they worried by slack times, strike and lockout, and the union label.
The strike, or, rather, the lockout, because the workers of Rio Blanco had helped their striking brothers of Puebla.
Contributors in Irish history consider the causes and consequences of the Great Dublin Lockout of 1913-14, noting that the Irish Citizen Army was founded during the lockout to raise the morale of striking workers and provide protection during pickets and political meetings.
Exabeam solved this problem by modeling lockout behavior and applying that logic and related rules to its latest solution release, which also records how many times a user has been locked out in the past, so companies can add that information to the user's behavior history.
8220;A lockout device stops something from being switched on when it is absolutely essential that it remains switched off.
In 2011, Total Lockout launched Valve Assist, pneumatic and electric actuation tools for wheel operated valves.
While the lockout has played a part in the increased attendance, Abbott said there are other factors also at play.
Meeting the wishes of thousands of Russian hockey fans, considering the interests of the teams Dynamo Moscow and SKA and due to the lack of certainty with the NHL lockout length, the KHL decided to change the dates of games between the teams scheduled for January 19 and 20," the league said in a website statement.
That would just be very harmful to the community and just harmful in general, but it does seem it is aggressively preparing for some sort of labor dispute or lockout.
That said, Lockout isn't anything like a must-see due to a dearth of surprises in the plot department.
Both had pay reinstated as soon as the lockout ended, and were paid retroactively for the salary they did not claim over the lockout.
NFL, NFLPA Reach Final Agreement to End Lockout Early Monday Morning (http://bizoffootball.