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1. A way of marching in which the marchers follow each other as closely as possible.
2. A standardized procedure that is closely, often mindlessly followed.
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1. (Military) a method of marching in step such that the men follow one another as closely as possible
2. chiefly US and Canadian a standard procedure that is closely, often mindlessly, followed
3. in lockstep with progressing at exactly the same speed and in the same direction as other people or things, esp as a matter of course rather than by choice
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1. a way of marching in very close file, in which the leg of each person moves with and closely behind the corresponding leg of the person ahead.
2. a rigidly inflexible pattern or process.
3. rigidly inflexible.
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Noun1.lockstep - a standard procedure that is followed mindlessly; "the union's support had been in lockstep for years"
standard operating procedure, standard procedure, standing operating procedure, SOP - a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely; "rote memorization has been the educator's standard operating procedure for centuries"
2.lockstep - a manner of marching in file in which each person's leg moves with and behind the corresponding leg of the person ahead; "the prisoner's ankles were so chained together that they could only march in lockstep"
marching, march - the act of marching; walking with regular steps (especially in a procession of some kind); "it was a long march"; "we heard the sound of marching"
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The penalty was State imprisonment, the stripes and the lockstep. And what of that?
Well, if Brexit ever does happen, later or sooner if ever at all, one of the more practical issues facing those Members of Parliament will indeed be whether they should follow in lockstep with the European Parliament when it comes it keeping time.
The chip runs dual cores in lockstep, executing the same exact code on both cores and comparing the output to quickly spot errors.
"On so many of the world's foreign policy challenges the UK and US are in lockstep. We have seen this recently with the response to the poisonings in Salisbury, our strong response to Assad's use of chemical weapons in Syria, and the effort to de-nuclearize North Korea," the UK government said.
Ahead of his trip to Washington, Mr Johnson said: "On so many of the world's foreign policy challenges the UK and US are in lockstep."
While these brain rhythms, occurring hundreds of times a night, move in perfect lockstep in young adults, findings published in the journal Neuron show that in old age slow waves during non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep fail to make timely contact with speedy electrical bursts known as "spindles." "The mistiming prevents older people from being able to effectively hit the save button on new memories, leading to overnight forgetting rather than remembering," says study senior author Matthew Walker, director of the UC Berkeley Center for Human Sleep Science.
Philippine stocks were up on Thursday, moving in lockstep with the rest of the region, which was buoyed by gains in Wall Street overnight.
And it shows art and technology moving in lockstep toward "dematerialization": As circuits shrink, conceptual and electronic art in turn moves beyond the grossly physical, signaling our power to do more and more with less and less.
Back in 2014 Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Welsh Conservatives, put a motion down in the Assembly opposing the then Welsh Secretary David Jones' view that income tax was devolved with a so-called lockstep mechanism.
If so, that would suggest that black holes and galaxies don't grow in lockstep; instead, black holes evolve quickly and their host galaxies follow.