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1. Informal A jail, especially one in which offenders are held while awaiting a court hearing.
a. The act or an instance of locking.
b. The state of being locked.



1. a jail, esp. a local one for temporary detention.
2. the act of locking up or the state of being locked up.
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Noun1.lockup - jail in a local police station
gaol, jail, jailhouse, pokey, poky, slammer, clink - a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)
2.lockup - the act of locking something up to protect itlockup - the act of locking something up to protect it
protection - the activity of protecting someone or something; "the witnesses demanded police protection"


Informal. A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention:
Informal: pen.
Chiefly Regional: calaboose.
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Didn't he write in those idiotic broadsheets that anyone, 'whoever it might be, should be dragged to the lockup by his hair'?
Then he remembered how he had spent a night in the lockup for disorderly conduct in the street.
The fight concerned a trunk and ended by the doctor's being escorted to the vil- lage lockup.
Shares of Baker Hughes (BHGE) are rising after General Electric (GE) CFO Jamie Miller said earlier while speaking at an industry conference that the company has no plans to alter its majority ownership stake prior to the end of the companies' two-year lockup period in 2019.
Former guards Derrick Day, 39, of Gainesville, and Morsello Hooker, 31, who worked at a state lockup in Brownwood, were also detained.
com/wetvs-love-after-lockup-exclusive-premiere-clip-meet-couple-johnna-garrett-2640919) Love After Lockup ," which follows couples who met while one of them was imprisoned, returns with episode 3 of its first season on Friday and this time, it's all about meeting the parents.
PESHAWAR -- Policemen allegedly manhandled a councillor and male members of his family, detained them in lockup for hours over an argument during a door-to-door search operation against suspected terrorists in the wee hours here on Friday.
the lockup (because that profit only materializes if the bidder loses
NOWSHERA -- District and Session Judge Nowshera Zafar Iqbal has said all the facilities were available in the judicial lockup and the employees of the lockup were professional and can handle any situation.
ISLAMABAD -- The teams of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration Tuesday sent nine profiteers to judicial lockup besides issuing challan tickets to 225 shopkeepers for violation of Ramazan Act in various sectors of the city.
He was then shifted to lockup of accountability commission.