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Noun1.Locomotive engine - a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway trackslocomotive engine - a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks
choo-choo - a child's word for locomotive
diesel locomotive - a locomotive driven by a diesel engine
dinkey, dinky - a small locomotive
electric locomotive - a locomotive that is powered by an electric motor
cowcatcher, fender, buffer, pilot - an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track
footplate - the platform in the cab of a locomotive on which the engineer stands to operate the controls
iron horse - (c. 1840) an early term for a locomotive
pilot engine - a locomotive that precedes a train to check the track
self-propelled vehicle - a wheeled vehicle that carries in itself a means of propulsion
shunter - a small locomotive used to move cars around but not to make trips
steam locomotive - a locomotive powered by a steam engine
donkey engine, switch engine - a locomotive for switching rolling stock in a railroad yard
tank engine, tank locomotive - a locomotive that carries its own fuel and water; no tender is needed
traction engine - steam-powered locomotive for drawing heavy loads along surfaces other than tracks
railroad train, train - public transport provided by a line of railway cars coupled together and drawn by a locomotive; "express trains don't stop at Princeton Junction"
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There is a great deal of jolting, a great deal of noise, a great deal of wall, not much window, a locomotive engine, a shriek, and a bell.
A bill, by the bye, is the most extraordinary locomotive engine that the genius of man ever produced.
But she was not the less surprised and curious for asking no more questions; neither was Mr Pancks, whose expressive breathing had been labouring hard since the entrance of the little man, like a locomotive engine with a great load getting up a steep incline.
Tenders are invited for Boron Free Corrosion Inhibitor For Locomotive Engine Cooling Water System To Hp Power Kool Rr, Quantity 187 Litres Per Loco Set As Per Rdso Report No.
In today's context, there is no better sight than Steyn roaring in like a locomotive engine with those fiery eyes and explosive reaction at getting a wicket.
For certain business applications, the modules must be able to operate in extreme environments such as sensors on powerlines in changing weather conditions or routers in vibrating locomotive engine rooms racing down a track.
The new air pollution reduction projects that Lafarge has committed to funding include replacement of an old locomotive engine at the Ravena facility with a new, more efficient and less polluting one at a cost of approximately $600,000.
Nantes Fire Chief Patrick Lambert however dismissed Burkhardt's accusations, saying the 12 firefighters who responded to the locomotive engine fire followed all of the proper procedures.
The rail company's immaculately designed pavilion -- modelled on an innovative locomotive engine -- attracted the attention of many visitors to the sprawling fair venue.
Chelsea have begun the season like a locomotive engine, but the season is long and the matches are not always easy.
It was said that David had more pulling power than a locomotive engine and lived in the belief that tomorrow was another day.
I really enjoyed riding the bus because it looks like a steam locomotive engine," said Anita a student of G.