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Of or relating to locomotion; locomotive.

[Latin locō, from a place, ablative of locus, place + motor.]
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of or relating to locomotion
[C19: from Latin locō from a place, ablative of locus place + motor (mover)]
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(ˌloʊ kəˈmoʊ tər)

1. Also, lo`co•mo′to•ry. of, pertaining to, or affecting locomotion.
2. a person or thing that is capable of locomotion.
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Adj.1.locomotor - of or relating to locomotion
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Jonas declares he once spoke of locomotor ataxia in hearing and she said she knew too well what that was.
Bare-foot walking is indicated for patients with sudden brain stroke, disease of the locomotor system, flat feet, stability disorders, cardiovascular diseases or as prevention against these diseases.There is also a fitness park with eight exercise machines to strengthen muscles and improve motor activity with easy exercises.
Monitoring of locomotor activity of animals has been used in assessing the effectiveness of the drug on the central nervous system (CNS).
For large cursorial birds such as the ostrich, during low-speed gaits (walk) the femur stays practically in the same position during the locomotor cycle, due to the position of the center of mass of the body (Hutchinson et al., 2005), which can also be inferred for extinct birds of larger size.
The spontaneous locomotor activity was assessed with the help of a photoactometer.
He rejected Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed's claims on locomotor. He said that Rasheed made a false statement in the court.
An important amount of documentary evidence indicate that diel rhythms of locomotor activity in spiders are linked to an endogenous rhythm (Cloudsley-Thompson 2013).
Morrison [2] indicated that 1 trainer is required for robotic locomotor training, while up to four trainers are needed for a manual locomotor training session.
In fact, previous results from our laboratory showed that the chronic treatment with testosterone caused an increase in the cocaine stimulant effect in adolescent and adult rats, and locomotor cross-sensitization in adolescent rats (22).