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 (lŏk′yə-lər) also loc·u·late (-lāt′, -lĭt) or loc·u·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having, formed of, or divided into small cavities or compartments.

[Latin loculus, diminutive of locus, place + -ar.]

loc′u·la′tion n.


(ˈlɒkjʊlə) or


(Biology) biology divided into compartments by septa: the locular ovary of a plant.
[C19: from New Latin loculāris kept in boxes]
ˌlocuˈlation n


(ˈlɒk yə lər)

also loc•u•late

(-ˌleɪt, -lɪt)

having one or more locules.
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Diagnostic criteria used for peritubal adhesion on MDCT-HSG was based on presence of one or more findings of convoluted fallopian tube, loculation of contrast, ampullary dilatation, peri-tubal halo effect and vertical fallopian tube.
The variables analysed were age, sex, smoking index, clubbing, lymph node enlargement, fluid loculation, ESR, Mantoux, haemorrhagic pleural fluid and massive pleural effusion.
Lung Therapeutics is advancing pipeline programs focused on fibrosis in and around the lungs: LTI-03 for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and LTI-01 for Pleural Effusion with Loculation.
5%) - Loculation Unilocular 9 (41%) 5 (83%) Multilocular 13 (59%) 1 (17%) Cortical Expansion 20 (91%) 6 (100%) Perforation 16 (73%) 5 (83%) Total (n=28) Location 4 6 1 11 4 1 1 Loculation 14 (50%) 14 (50%) Cortical 26 (93%) 21 (75%) Table 2.
Trapped lung presents as pleural thickening and loculation without clinically active disease (Figure 20).
This is expected as 3 (75%) of the patients had empyema with some form of loculation that necessitated drainage.
Diagnostic imaging features of tuberculosis radiculomyelitis: Loculation and destruction of the subarachnoid space, loss of contour of the spinal cord, myelomalacia and adhesions (thickening, clumping or matting) of the nerve roots particularly in the lumbar spine are common MRI findings of TBRM.
USG neck suggestive of 8 x 7 cm size ill-defined anechoic cystic lesion with multiple septation and loculation present in supraclavicular region extending up to right posterior triangle.
Assessment and treatment need to be standardized as well, perhaps according to radiologic parameters, presence of loculation on ultrasound, fluid make-up, or other factors, she said.
8 cm in diameter and consisted of a low density focus at the junction of the right and left lobes, consistent with loculation.
Along this series among 89 patients of simple renal cysts, the most frequent type of loculation was uni-loculated in 87 (98%) and bi-loculated in 2 (2%).