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You know what Servius saith: ' Nullus enim locus sine genio est ,--for there is no place that hath not its spirit.'"
I said to myself that this was a sign that Juliana and her niece(disenchanting idea!) were untidy persons, with a low Italian standard; but I afterward recognized that a lodger who had forced an entrance had no locus standi as a critic.
"This is no locus docendi, it is true," began the clerical gentleman; "yet I beg you earnestly to let us profit by your learning.
And on this agreement they started--Tom, satisfied with having made his confession, and not sorry to have a locus penitentiae, and not to be deprived altogether of the use of his old and faithful friend.
Rucastle, so I think, Watson, that we had best escort Miss Hunter back to Winchester, as it seems to me that our locus standi now is rather a questionable one."
In the MG, in contrast, age explained the locus of control, both when inserted as a first step (15.5%), and when included as a second step (13.9%), while attachment did not present a significant weight in the explaining the locus of control.
Locus of control refers to the extent to which people attribute control over events to themselves or to external environmental factors [23].
Paul Zorner, Locus AG's CEO and a leading industry expert, will show the immediate and unprecedented benefits of using Rhizolizer, the company's line oforganic microbial soil treatments or "probiotics," along with new data verified by independent labs.
Locus Telecommunications and its 200 employees along with its valued distributors will continue operating as they are today.
In the past, studies have been done to develop a relationship between positive health behavior and health locus of control18.
Researchers examined the 'locus of control' by using responses from questionnaires completed by over 1,600 pregnant women who took part in the Children of the 90s study.