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(Botany) botany the spikelet of grasses
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Noun1.locusta - a genus of AcrididaeLocusta - a genus of Acrididae      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Acrididae, family Acrididae, family Locustidae, Locustidae - short-horned grasshoppers; true locusts
Locusta migratoria, migratory locust - Old World locust that travels in vast swarms stripping large areas of vegetation
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Locusta and Agrippina, living at the same time, were an exception, and proved the determination of providence to effect the entire ruin of the Roman empire, sullied by so many crimes.
Anapodisma beybienkoi Rentz and Miller Arcyptera coreana Shiraki Chorthippus nakazimai Furukawa Acrididae Gastrimargus marmoratus Thunb erg Locusta migratoria L.
2004) X X Glutophrissa drusilla (Cramer, 1777) X X X Pieriballia mandela locusta (Felder, 1861) X X Perrybris malenka bogotana (Butler, 1858) X X NYMPHALOIDEA/Heliconiinae Dione juno juno (Cramer, 1779) X X X Dryas iulia iulia (Fabricius, 1775) X X Eueides vibilia vialis Stichel, 1903 X Eueides aliphera aliphera (Godart, 1789) X X X Heliconius erato venus (Staudinger, 1882) X X Heliconius cydno zelinde (Butler, 1869) X X X Heliconius charitonia (L., 1767) X X Heliconius clysonimus f.
(1973) Fucosterol-24,28-epoxide and 28-oxo-[beta]-sitosterol as possible intermediates in the conversion of [beta]-sitosterol into cholesterol in the locust Locusta migratoria L.
Locusta migratoria [mhashu], the adult is roasted and consumed.
Loftus, "The structure of bimodal chemo-, thermo-, and hygroreceptive sensilla on the antenna of Locusta migratoria," Cell and Tissue Research, vol.
These predatory fish, in turn, reduce numbers of Grammarus locusta, herbivorous crustaceans which are effective grazers that normally control the filamentous algae.
A significant difference between molecular mass determination on SDS-PAGE and MALDI-TOF for two trypsin-like from the midgut of Locusta migratoria was also described (LAM et al., 2000).