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1. A durable, water-repellent, coarse woolen fabric used chiefly for coats and jackets.
2. A deep olive green.

[German, coarse fabric, from Middle High German lode, from Old High German lodo.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a thick heavy waterproof woollen cloth with a short pile, used to make garments, esp coats
2. (Colours) a dark bluish-green colour, in which the cloth is often made
[German, from Old High German lodo thick cloth, perhaps related to Old English lotha cloak]


(ˈloʊd n)

1. a sturdy, water-repellent cloth, usu. of coarse wool.
2. Also called lo′den green′. the deep olive green color of this fabric.
[1910–15; < German; Old High German lodo; compare Old English lotha cloak]
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Major Jamie Loden said they were attacked 30 times in 34 days by Taliban fighters trying to storm their isolated base in Helmand province.
Marcus said customers are demanding colorations that revolve around shades of green ranging from sage and olive to loden.
The evening session begins with Loden Stud's Shaamit filly (1578), whose dam Dolly Bevan is a winning half-sister to the smart Pips Pride.
The bridesmaids wore two-piece, floor-length gowns of loden green dupioni silk by Waters & Waters.
The document was found as Col Ted Loden, the then Major in command of the Para unit that fired 100 shots on the day, continued his testimony.
For Berkshire Mills, the best players were colors like white-on-white, Loden and Smoke (with a slight sheen), and check/geometric dot coordinates.
One of his daughters was bought from Rathbarry Stud for IR58,000gns by James Egan, of Corduff Stud, at Goffs last week and his first of eight catalogued at Tattersalls, a colt from Loden Stud, also recovered the pounds 6,500 1997 covering fee with interest.
Loden Alane Knotts and Elizabeth Walker Knotts served as program attendants.
Colonel Ted Loden was the major in command of the Parachute Regiment's Support Company on the day 13 civil rights marchers were shot dead.
Moody colorways -- such as mocha, putty, rose, indigo, loden and charcoal -- grace cotton slipcovers, as well as much of the collection.