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also load·star  (lōd′stär′)
1. A star, such as Polaris, that is used as a point of navigational reference.
2. A principle, interest, or person that serves as a guide.

[Middle English lodesterre : lode, way; see lode + sterre, star; see star.]


(ˈləʊdˌstɑː) or


1. (Navigation) a star, esp the North Star, used in navigation or astronomy as a point of reference
2. something that serves as a guide or model
[C14: literally, guiding star. See lode]


or load•star


1. a star that shows the way.
2. Polaris.
3. something that serves as a guide or on which the attention is fixed.
[1325–75; Middle English loode sterre. See lode, star]
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Noun1.lodestar - guiding star; a star that is used as a reference point in navigation or astronomy
star - (astronomy) a celestial body of hot gases that radiates energy derived from thermonuclear reactions in the interior
2.lodestar - something that serves as a model or guide
example, model - a representative form or pattern; "I profited from his example"


noun guide, standard, model, pattern, signal, par, role model, beacon, guiding light She was the one lodestar of his life.


[ˈləʊdstɑːʳ] Nestrella f polar (fig) → norte m
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MANAMA: Genetech Training and Development is launchings specialised Value Added Tax (VAT) training courses in Bahrain in co-operation with Lodestar Coaches and Kenz Consultancy.
MINERAL-RICH HOT SPRINGS tucked deep in the wilderness, energy-emitting red rock spires in the Sonoran desert, and the salt air along the coast have long made the West a lodestar for seekers of spiritual and physical well-being.
Directing that the attorney fee award in a condemnation case get a likely serious haircut, the Minnesota Supreme Court remanded the case to the District Court with instructions that the lodestar fee amount may not be enhanced for the risk of non-recovery reflected in a contingent fee.
In a piece titled "Zionism, Pan-Africanism, and White Nationalism," author Shaul Magid argues that because Zionism was a "lodestar for other minority attempts to solve the problem of the limits of ethnic self-determination," it is, therefore a racialized movement that can offer freedom but never equality.
First, they object to the recommended lodestar figure on the basis that the number of hours expended was not reasonable.
Dollars to doughnuts "lodestar" will reign before this column goes to print.
Summary: Speculation about Pence has been rampant on social media because of the op-ed's use of "lodestar," an archaic word that he has used in multiple speeches
In a statement, the firm argues that Rosen's investigation was unnecessary since it was launched after class counsels' "self-reported an inadvertent double-counting error" in their lodestar reports as soon as it was discovered.<br />"Having been unsuccessful in identifying anything more than this inadvertent error," the firm continues, "the Master elected to divert his investigation into a futile multi-month, multi-million dollar challenge in which he suggests that Customer Class Counsel engaged in 'questionable conduct' by paying a referral fee to another lawyer, even though that payment was entirely permissible under the unremarkable and well-established law in Massachusetts."<br />Similar sentiments were expressed to Lawyers Weekly by Richard M.
Global Banking News-June 4, 2018--Ryan Specialty takes over Lodestar Marine of London
Ryan Specialty Completes Acquisition of Lodestar Marine of London
Equipped with the Magnetek Impulse G+ Mini variable frequency drive, the Lodestar VS features CM HI-Tech hoist interface technology to give operators the ability to quickly and easily adjust hoist speed and performance parameters.