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also load·stone  (lōd′stōn′)
1. A piece of magnetite that has magnetic properties and attracts iron or steel.
2. One that attracts strongly.

[Middle English lode, way; see lode + stone (from its use by sailors to show the way).]


(ˈləʊdˌstəʊn) or


1. (Minerals)
a. a rock that consists of pure or nearly pure magnetite and thus is naturally magnetic
b. a piece of such rock, which can be used as a magnet and which was formerly used as a primitive compass
2. a person or thing regarded as a focus of attraction
[C16: literally: guiding stone]


or load•stone


1. a variety of magnetite that possesses magnetic polarity and attracts iron.
2. a piece of this serving as a magnet.
3. something that attracts strongly.
[1505–15; lode (in obsolete sense “way, course”) + stone]


also load·stone (lōd′stōn′)
A piece of the mineral magnetite that acts like a magnet.
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Noun1.lodestone - a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite that possess polarity and has the power to attract as well as to be attracted magneticallylodestone - a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite that possess polarity and has the power to attract as well as to be attracted magnetically
permanent magnet, static magnet - a magnet that retains its magnetism after being removed from a magnetic field
magnetic iron-ore, magnetite - an oxide of iron that is strongly attracted by magnets


[ˈləʊdstəʊn] Npiedra f imán
References in classic literature ?
But the most gratifying thing of all was, that chance strangers, passing through, who had not heard of my picture, were not only drawn to it, as by a lodestone, the moment they entered the gallery, but always took it for a "Turner.
As I gazed at it on that far-gone night it seemed to call across the unthinkable void, to lure me to it, to draw me as the lodestone attracts a particle of iron.
He made accurate examination of it by the aid of some instruments, and came to the conclusion that it was carved from a lump of lodestone.
For women in Pakistan, Asma Jehangir was a lodestone of inspiration.
In conjunction with Lodestone Security, a specialist advisory firm and wholly owned subsidiary of Beazley, BBR policyholders can now benefit from up to 100 hours post-breach consultation and remediation services.
The global average compensation for a board member is around Dh132,000, according to a survey conducted by Lodestone Global, which would put the individual below the threshold of Dh375,000 for taxation.
With only a few word substitutions, this poem becomes a lodestone for the striving or retiring music educator, seeking to live a life of both valor, significance, and personal fulfillment.
Yvonne, Lala's eldest, describes her mother as a moral compass: 'Exactly 28 years of being a solo parent, provider, career coach, lodestone, values driver, cheerleader, mentor, adviser, solutions expert, fashion consultant, feminist model, accomplishment benchmark, taste purveyor, relationship counselor, best friend and grandmother.
He also served as chairman of the board at Infosys BPO Limited and chairman of Infosys Lodestone.
17 June 2016 - Austin, Texas-based data software company Umbel has acquired Austin, Texas-based multi-channel fan engagement company Lodestone, the company said.
rum, as though some buried lodestone drew the worse half of us
A basic review of ingenuity, the compendium covers such essentials as the water well and rudder, along with the mandrake, lodestone, obelisk, and mathematical cipher, as a glimpse of human advancement in pharmaceuticals, magnetism, and architecture.