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a. An often rustic building used as a temporary abode or shelter: a ski lodge.
b. A small house on the grounds of an estate or a park, used by a caretaker or gatekeeper.
c. An inn.
a. Any of various Native American dwellings, such as a hogan, wigwam, or longhouse.
b. The group living in such a dwelling.
a. A local chapter of certain fraternal organizations.
b. The meeting hall of such a chapter.
c. The members of such a chapter.
4. The den of certain animals, such as the dome-shaped structure built by beavers.
v. lodged, lodg·ing, lodg·es
a. To provide with temporary quarters, especially for sleeping: lodges travelers in the shed.
b. To rent a room to.
c. To place or establish in quarters: lodged the children with relatives after the fire.
2. To serve as a depository for; contain: This cellar lodges our oldest wines.
3. To place, leave, or deposit, as for safety: documents lodged with a trusted associate.
4. To fix, force, or implant: lodge a bullet in a wall.
5. To register (a charge or complaint, for example) before an authority, such as a court; file.
6. To vest (authority, for example).
7. To beat (crops) down flat: rye lodged by the cyclone.
a. To live in a place temporarily.
b. To rent accommodations, especially for sleeping.
2. To be or become embedded: The ball lodged in the fence.

[Middle English, from Old French loge, of Germanic origin.]
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Scanlan, his original acquaintance aboard the train, had occasion shortly afterwards to move into Vermissa, and the two lodged together.
--But I have that honourable Grief lodged here, which burns worse than Tears drown --Shakspeare.
There happened nothing remarkable to us till the last night of our journey, when taking up our lodging at a place belonging to the Empress, a declared enemy to all Catholics, and in particular to the missionaries, we met with a kind reception in appearance, and were lodged in a large stone house covered with wood and straw, which had stood uninhabited so long, that great numbers of red ants had taken possession of it; these, as soon as we were laid down, attacked us on all sides, and tormented us so incessantly that we were obliged to call up our domestics.
Sarawak Association of People's Aspirations (SAPA) president Dominique Ng Kim Ho today question the motive of a person who lodged a police report against the organisers of a Sarawak Day rally held here two days ago.
According to media reports, 'S* lodged a complaint with Sadiq Abad police that suspect Taj Khan abducted her daughter.
An Emirati has lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Interior against the Ajman Police for "delay" in lodging a case about his stolen car.