lodgepole pine

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lodge·pole pine

Any of several varieties of a pine (Pinus contorta) of western North America with needles grouped in pairs, especially P. contorta var. latifolia, having light wood used in construction.

lodge′pole pine′

1. a tall pine, Pinus contorta, of W North America, having one type of cone that opens and drops its seeds every second year and another, resin-covered cone that opens only when a fire burns off the resin.
2. the wood of this tree, used as timber.
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Noun1.lodgepole pine - shrubby two-needled pine of coastal northwestern United Stateslodgepole pine - shrubby two-needled pine of coastal northwestern United States; red to yellow-brown bark fissured into small squares
pine, pine tree, true pine - a coniferous tree
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Of the differentiable pine pollen, Diploxylon-type is nearly absent, while Haploxylon-type is present, implying that lodgepole pine did not become common at the site until after whitebark pine had been established.
Because of the density of the lodgepole pine forest on Squaw Mountain, we surveyed tree growth form along a transect, examining 156 tree sites as encountered, rather than an entire section of forest as we did for ponderosa and bristlecone pine.
From the 1979 plots, the researchers found that five years after a fire they can expect some 500 lodgepole pine seedlings about 1 foot tall in each acre of forest.
That's not bad for the lodgepole pine, he said, "but it's an awful lot better for the beetles and other species that could compete with them.
Ingrid Aguaya, Colorado forest entomologist, points out that pine beetles migrate to less-favored hosts when the readily available stands of mature lodgepole pine (eight inches or more in diameter) are exhausted.
While some level of blue stain is considered "normal" in North American lumber production, there is currently a great deal of blue-stained lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta Dougl.
This family-run business grows and sells specially selected, top-quality Christmas trees, from the traditional Norway Spruce to more unusual varieties such as the Noble Fir and Lodgepole Pine.
In this study, bark autoclave extractives from the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins)-infested lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta Dougl.
The Bingham fires are burning in patchy, subalpine fir and lodgepole pine, with plenty of dead and fallen trees and accumulations of flammable debris on the ground.
months now: no dirty chain oil, no sawdust, no lodgepole pine, black
Real Christmas trees come in various forms, with popular types including the Norway spruce - often regarded as the most traditional tree because of its strong Chrismassy smell; Blue Spruce trees, which have distinctive blue-tinged needles; Scot's pine trees and lodgepole pine trees, which have soft foliage, hold needles well and have a sharp fragrance; and the fir tree (both the noble and nordmann varieties), which holds needles very well.
Lodgepole pine, contorta pine, knotty pine, black pine, spruce pine.