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 (lôf′tē, lŏf′-)
adj. loft·i·er, loft·i·est
1. Of imposing height.
2. Elevated in character; exalted.
3. Affecting grandness; pompous.
4. Arrogant; haughty.

[Middle English, noble, from loft, upstairs room, sky; see loft.]

loft′i·ly adv.
loft′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.loftily - in a lofty manner; "she bore herself loftily"
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[ˈlɒftɪlɪ] ADV [say, look] → con altivez, con altanería
"I know what I'm doing," she said loftily-sé lo que estoy haciendo -dijo muy altanera or con altivez
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advhoch; say, speakstolz, hochmütig; gazehochmütig
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[ˈlɒftɪlɪ] adv (frm) → altezzosamente
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(loft) noun
a room or space under a roof. They kept a lot of spare furniture in the loft.
ˈlofty adjective
1. very high. a lofty building.
2. haughty or proud. a lofty attitude.
ˈloftily adverb
ˈloftiness noun
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References in classic literature ?
"We only keep hayseed in the spring," she explained loftily. "We've none on hand just now."
Mary was in a grassy corner of the garden, where there was a swing loftily hung between two pear-trees.
Da Souza," the young lady answered loftily. "As we have engagements in London this afternoon, we may as well go now - eh, Flossie?"
This was said loftily, and with the most approved accents.
"You were teaching my son before breakfast, I believe?" my Lady loftily remarked.
"I am not telling you what Ursula Townley ought to have done," she said loftily. "I am only telling you what she DID do.
'After he has eaten he will sleep,' Kim returned loftily. He could not quite see what new turn the game had taken, but stood resolute to profit by it.
And he strode loftily out the door and walked up the hot white road toward Barnesdale.
withdrew his hand from that of the king, and drawing back, to salute him with more ceremony, "With all my heart, thanks!" replied he, "sire; but I have prayed without success to the greatest king on earth; now I will go and ask a miracle of God." And he went out without being willing to hear any more, his head carried loftily, his hand trembling, with a painful contraction of his noble countenance, and that profound gloom which, finding no more hope in the world of men, appeared to go beyond it, and ask it in worlds unknown.
Now Charlie cared as little as Archie about smoking, but it would not do to yield too soon: so he shook his head, gave a great puff, and said loftily
"Therefore it would have done a man good at his heart to have seen how proudly they displayed their peacocks' feathers; how much they made of their painted sheathes; and how loftily they set forth and advanced themselves, when they compared their gallant apparel with the poor raiment of the Utopians.
'You'll have the goodness, if you please,' said Mrs Varden, loftily, 'to step upstairs and see if Dolly has finished dressing, and to tell her that the chair that was ordered for her will be here in a minute, and that if she keeps it waiting, I shall send it away that instant.--I'm sorry to see that you don't take your tea, Varden, and that you don't take yours, Mr Joseph; though of course it would be foolish of me to expect that anything that can be had at home, and in the company of females, would please YOU.'