log off

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Verb1.log off - exit a computer; "Please log off before you go home"
exit, get out, go out, leave - move out of or depart from; "leave the room"; "the fugitive has left the country"
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uk/learn to log off, they'll burn out long before they're able to retire.
With that in mind, if you want to be full of cheer this Christmas, it might be best to log off social media.
If you want to catch up on your ZZZZs, log off your tablet and put away your smart phone.
And when a lesson is complete, teachers can press one button to log off and shut down every machine.
Constantly ringing right through Your head Time to switch and log off and move swiftly To bed
Offering plots for all the latest movies, plus an archive of older films, this website will enable you to irritate friends no end with all your insider info, but if you like to keep the ending a surprise, you may want to log off.
Make sure to log off or lock your screen when you walk away--even if it's just for a few minutes.