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Verb1.log-in - enter a computer; "Have you logged in lately?"
access - obtain or retrieve from a storage device; as of information on a computer
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New opportunities for integrated access for customer will include the option to instantly add modules for apps that include managing fixed assets, tracking orders in AdminiCare Logistics through Epicor, managing maintenance supplies all with one log-in.
The iOS log-in feature will let people sign into apps using AppleID information, but provides the option of masking user names or email addresses with randomly generated information."The entire experience is meant to help you have control over your data," Federighi said, to applause.
At least 23.2 million victims have used 123456 - the world's mosthacked computer log-in.
Its first user was the vessel Jacaranda of Log-In, a Brazilian shipping line specializing in door-to-door logistics solutions.
The opening rites were highlighted by the arrival of Jacaranda, a vessel of Log-In, a Brazilian shipping line specializing in door-to-door logistics solutions which recently signed an agreement with TecPlata, a subsidiary of Philippine-based port operator International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
XVELA, the world's first maritime business network for ocean carriers and terminal operators, has announced that Log-In Logistica, a provider of door to door intermodal logistic services in Brazil and the Mercosur region, has gone live with XVELA's Collaborative Stowage Planning application, the company said.
Mobile banking is growing, with a 40 percent increase in log-ins to the mobile banking app from December 2016 to December 2017, driven by biometric log-in possibilities such as touch ID and now face ID.
A spokesman said: "We currently believe up to 150 accounts, out of 10.5 million registered with us, have been subject to an unau thorised log-in and very limited info may have been viewed.
Social networking passwords are making log-in choices across the Internet easier.
With each log-in, children reported whether they had used their PFM the previous night and again prior to coming to school.
According to HealthBanks, Schering-Plough's drug reps "freely discuss an aggressive incentive program which pays them $1 per patient 'log-in' to the site (log-ins are most likely counted when a patient registers for any one of the Schering sites linked from MyHealth); one representative reported a $3,000 payment for one month's log-ins." (6)