Logarithmic curve

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(Math.) a curve which, referred to a system of rectangular coördinate axes, is such that the ordinate of any point will be the logarithm of its abscissa.

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It is important to point out that, during the tests, the type of wear did not change as a function of the variation in sediment concentration, since the concentrations were not higher than 18% (Cozza, 2011), justifying the coherence of the logarithmic curve with [R.sup.2] close 1.
In other words, the relative radius of the roller needs to be shorter than the relative radii of the output and input discs at any point on the Logarithmic curve:
Dimming can be set on a linear or logarithmic curve. With a built-in relay, devices down the line can be turned off completely, giving complete lighting control and reducing energy costs.