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 (lôg′bo͝ok′, lŏg′-)
1. The official record book of a ship or an aircraft.
2. A record book with periodic entries.


1. (Nautical Terms) a book containing the official record of trips made by a ship or aircraft; log
2. Brit (formerly) a document listing the registration, manufacture, ownership and previous owners, etc, of a motor vehicle. Compare registration document


(ˈlɔgˌbʊk, ˈlɒg-)

a book in which details of a trip made by a ship or aircraft are recorded; log.
[1670–80; log1 + book]
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Noun1.logbook - a book in which the log is written
bell book - a logbook in which all orders concerning the main engines of a ship are recorded
record book, book, record - a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone; "Al Smith used to say, `Let's look at the record'"; "his name is in all the record books"
سِجِل رِحْلَة الطّائِرَه أو السَّفينَه
lodní/palubní deník
seyir/uçuş jurnali


[ˈlɒgbʊk] N (Naut) → cuaderno m de bitácora, diario m de navegación (Aer) → diario m de vuelo (Aut) → documentación f (Tech) → cuaderno m de trabajo


n (Naut) → Logbuch nt; (Aviat) → Bordbuch nt; (of lorries)Fahrtenbuch nt; (Aut: = registration book) → Kraftfahrzeug- or Kfz-Brief m; (in hospitals, police stations etc) → Dienstbuch nt


[ˈlɒgˌbʊk] n (Naut, Aer) → giornale m or diario di bordo (Aut) (registration document) → libretto di circolazione; (of events, movement of goods) → registro


(log) noun
1. a thick piece of unshaped wood. The trees were sawn into logs and taken to the sawmill.
2. a logbook. The captain of the ship entered the details in the log.
verbpast tense, past participle logged
to write down or record in a logbook (especially the distance covered during a journey).
ˈlogbook noun
an official record of the journey of a ship or aeroplane. All the details of the flight were entered in the logbook.
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Have you not observed that the captain of your little vessel, on entering the roadstead, sent forward, in order to obtain permission to enter the port, a little boat bearing his logbook and the register of his voyagers?
There was a bunk at one end, a sea-chest, maps and charts, a picture of the SEA UNICORN, a line of logbooks on a shelf, all exactly as one would expect to find it in a captain's room.
He returned with a large book, one of the logbooks which formed a line upon the shelves.
I read at the inquest a description of his cabin, in which it stated that the old logbooks of his vessel were preserved in it.
Singapore Airlines signed a contract to use Electronic Logbook on its 777 and 787 fleet.
If you go to a car dealer, just get the agreement and bring the logbook to the assembly.
They must be completed as required by the logbook instructions and on hand at all times for inspection.
The Five Nights At Freddy's: Survival Logbook (https://www.
But Calida said there is nothing in the logbook to show that the Senator is telling the truth.
A MILITARY historian stole a logbook that belonged to one of the Dambusters heroes from his widow, a court heard.
Our aim was to give students some incentive to take the Learning Logbook seriously, but to avoid issues that may arise when reflective writing is formally assessed on the perceived quality of the reflections themselves (Kember et al.
The presentation of a systematic case record or surgical case logbook has been a mandatory requirement to complete and stratify specialisation/registrar training in many countries, including South Africa.