logic diagram

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Noun1.logic diagram - a graphical representation of a program using formal logic
multidimensional language - a programming language whose expressions are assembled in more than one dimension
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The PLCs can be programmed by using several programming languages under the international standard IEC 61131-3, such as Ladder Logic Diagram (LLD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL) etc.
Section 7 then explains how to use business logic diagrams to identify entity types for E-R diagramming for Web applications development.
In the first section, a service-learning model structured in the form of a logic diagram is presented.
Figure 1 shows the logic diagram for the DTD line submodel.
With agile acquisition phase II, a consortium of industry and academic experts would lay out a logic diagram of what could be done through spiral development if various technology options come to fruition.
There are six characters, six weapons and nine rooms to keep track of - and when current world champion Josef Kollar plays, he notes down every answer around the board on his own scoresheet which looks like a large logic diagram.
Essentially, these tools generate the configuration bit string, given such inputs as a logic diagram or a high-level functional description.