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Noun1.logic diagram - a graphical representation of a program using formal logic
multidimensional language - a programming language whose expressions are assembled in more than one dimension
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The PLCs can be programmed by using several programming languages under the international standard IEC 61131-3, such as Ladder Logic Diagram (LLD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL) etc.
To illustrate how logic diagrams and ASDs are used to define behavior of AFs, the figure has been complemented with the MPP Sequence and a logic diagram definition of the temperature controller.
Section 7 then explains how to use business logic diagrams to identify entity types for E-R diagramming for Web applications development.
Understanding what constitutes the predecessors and specifically what information is needed before proceeding to the next step must be documented in the logic diagram. There are some rules that can't be broken.
FTA analyzes combinations of failures, is built top-down, and is visually presented as a logic diagram. By taking into account combinations of failures, FTA avoids the obvious shortcomings of FMEA.
A logic diagram is used to facilitate understanding of service-learning.
To trace failures back to every potential trigger, engineers using PRA employ a technique called a master logic diagram. The MLD is a special type of fault tree, with the ultimate failure at the top and specific causes that can trigger this top failure at the base (basic events).