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Noun1.logic element - an electronic device that performs an elementary logic operation
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically
threshold element, threshold gate - a logic element that performs a threshold operation
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Inside the Logic Element, this protocol is supported by adding an XOR directly connected to the outputs of both LUT6-1 (see the [Out.sub.6] in Figure 5).
However, there is a considerable gain in reduction of latency, as well as the number of logic elements. Moreover, the number of pipeline stages is also reduced.
It is also shown that the controller needs less than 1% of total logic elements as well as total combinational functions.
The most significant finding of our study, therefore, is the relationship between dominant logic elements and firm performance.
Cyclone III devices consume 75 percent less power than competing FPGAs while delivering 5K to 120K logic elements (LEs), up to 4 Mbits of memory and up to 288 digital signal processing (DSP) multipliers.
"Our easy-to-use Quartus II software, together with low-cost Cyclone III FPGAs, addresses designs ranging from 5K to 120K logic elements (LEs), expanding programmable logic into a wider array of cost- sensitive applications."
We have explored the possibility of developing opto-mechanical computational logic elements using bi-stable micromachines operated by radiation pressure.
FPGAs are changing rapidly with increasing performance (currently beyond 300 MHz logic speeds), increased logic density (currently beyond 100,000 logic elements) and decreasing cost.
eZediaMX also features sophisticated logic elements for inputting, collecting, displaying and calculating numerical or alphabetical data that don't require programming.
"We can provide everything from a little pilot cartridge to a 12 size and ultimately, the pilot cartridge could pilot logic elements for even higher horsepower hydraulic fan drive packages.
To date we have demonstrated the ability to print early versions of both logic elements [1] and micromachines [2] on printers that can fit on a desktop.