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Noun1.logical implication - a logical relation between propositions p and q of the form `if p then q'; if p is true then q cannot be false
logical relation - a relation between propositions
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Given they approve of bribery, the logical implication is that they will, and probably have, used it.
But if the suspect acted with other conspirators, Lacson said, a 'logical implication of that conspiracy should be a heightened national security concern.'
Statements of this kind express a purely logical relation between the sentences h and e, analogous to, though different from, statements of logical implication. While the latter statements constitute deductive logic, the former statements, in my conception, constitute inductive logic.
The conventionally asserted inefficiency of privately provided national defense is therefore not a logical implication of defense's free-rider problem, but rather an (unanswered) empirical question.
However, experts say that the industrial production increase of 9.6 percent does not imply more fervent economic activity, otherwise a logical implication of an industrial production growth.
Block also claims that "the logical implication of (my) emphasis on custom is that suttee would be justified on NAP grounds, surely an inference to be avoided" (ibid., 9).
--demonstration: first, both the optimal economic process and the logically vivid system are systems, therefore they verify the logical implication: [[SIGMA].sub.PEO] [right arrow] [[SIGMA].sub.SLV]; second, dissipativeness is a necessary characteristic (in logic terms) of the presence of the human factor (therefore, of the purpose) within the economic process (41), therefore it verifies the logical implication: [U.sub.PEO] [right arrow] [D.sub.SLV].
And while anti-gun judges will probably reject such claims, they are going to lard their opinions with comments to the effect that guns for felons is the logical implication of Heller.
Logical implication determines that once the statement (a) is chosen between (a) and (b) in the first selection pair, and (b) is chosen between (b) and (c) in the second selection pair, the choice of (a) instead of (c) is obligatory (Table 1).
The logical implication of this work: If we want terrorism to stop, we must change our own behavior to stop provoking it.
As Dutch court decisions justifying the administration of lethal injections to disabled newborns have confirmed, (4) the Dutch are now realizing the logical implication of permitting voluntary euthanasia.
This veneer, however, does not shield a person from the affects of a idea whose logical implication can be nothing but the destruction of the sanctity of species--something vouchsafed by the Glorious Book itself: There is no animal walking on Earth nor any bird flying with its two wings, except that they are genus (umam) like you; and no single thing have We neglected in our Decree (Q.