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Noun1.logical positivist - someone who maintains that any statement that cannot be verified empirically is meaningless
positivist, rationalist - someone who emphasizes observable facts and excludes metaphysical speculation about origins or ultimate causes
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The theory and practice of career counseling have been based on the logical positivist worldview as a trait-and-factor (i.e., matching) approach that today is referred to as person-environment fit (Patton & McMahon, 1999).
He dedicates significant portions of the book, identifying the shortcomings of logical positivist and other descriptivist accounts of scientific inquiry, and argues that the empirical descriptivist neglect of natural law is the root weakness of the positivist project.
Our paper also raises two obvious questions, especially for the sociologist: why has the logical positivist movement been misunderstood so badly?
Formidable resistance by logical positivist lawyers, who want such biolaws to be based on judges for justice and social order and not on ethics, doubtless continues.
As an epistemologist, I am a logical positivist in thinking.
As a child, our protagonist Dave makes fun of a passing logical positivist, who then proceeds to do something very antithetical to logical positivism.
97)--we are treated in Chapter 4 to an overview of some key philosophical interactions between science and ethics from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century, working through Hobbes, Locke, Hume and Kant and past the logical positivist reduction of ethics, onwards into sociobiological accounts.
For example, a researcher who wishes to investigate trans people's sexuality could draw upon logical positivist philosophies to categorise trans people's sexuality and [coherently] look to such literatures, including medical literatures, for theoretical sources for the categories to investigate.
Quine in, Two Dogmas of Empiricism, attacked all such views about language particularly the logical positivist's view.
We still produce scientists whose conceptions of "fact" and "truth" remain sturdily Logical Positivist, lacking understanding of the provisional, incomplete nature of scientific evidence.
Treating a novel so overtly composed of philosophical discussion without delving into the archive, LeMahieu leaves himself little room to do more than translate that discussion into logical positivist terms.
He, like Congressman Paul Ryan (Republican candidate Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate), was a Randian--a disciple of Ayn Rand, the Russian emigrant, writer and philosopher, "logical positivist" and author of the novel The Fountainhead.