logical topology

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Noun1.logical topology - the way the network works; "a network that looks like a star can have the logical topology of a bus"
network topology, topology - the configuration of a communication network
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Based on that, it is preferred to use a contention-based MAC with a good performance works on a logical topology paved for it especially with respect to predictability and number of contending nodes, where the condition under which these protocols may fail in preventing collisions is the sources' number increase or the sources' transmission rate increase.
Wong, "Joint logical topology design, interface assignment, channel allocation, and routing for multi-channel wireless mesh networks," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol.
* The inter-cluster routing transfers all the traffic among different clusters according to a generic mesh logical topology among all CTNs.
Step (2) is execution of the depth-1 algorithm at the PCE to obtain the logical topology and VLAN paths.
When multimedia streams are sent through ad hoc wireless networks, the bandwidth and the logical topology characteristic requirements should be adjusted as a function of the type of traffic, audio or video, and the codec used for the transmission.