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 (lō-jĭs′tĭk) also lo·gis·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to logistics.
2. Of or relating to symbolic logic.

[Medieval Latin logisticus, of calculation, from Greek logistikos, skilled in calculating, from logistēs, calculator, from logizesthai, to calculate, from logos, reckoning, reason; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]

lo·gis′ti·cal·ly adv.
lo′gis·ti′cian (-jĭ-stĭsh′ən) n.
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[lɒˈdʒɪstɪkəlɪ] ADVlogísticamente, desde el punto de vista logístico
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"It will be a difficult game, not just logistically, and clearly we will have temperatures to deal with but it's a great game to look forward to and we're delighted to be through.
FedEx said it should not be expected to uphold the export ban and could not reasonably or logistically be held liable for the shipping of unknown products.
FIFA carried out studies to determine whether it would be feasible to increase participation in Qatar but it was not logistically possible.
"This was probably the biggest challenge over the 12 month period, both logistically, physically and mentally.
This comes after developmental projects launched last year in the framework of the efforts of Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI) to strengthen the services of Saudi ports and to upgrade their capabilities and efficiency operationally and logistically. --SPA 12:47 LOCAL TIME 09:47 GMT 0007 www.spa.gov.sa/1837716
Apparently, in some cases, these are a cause of inconvenience, logistically, to the students and the parents.
The potential for a rail loading facility would certainly provide a better all-weather solution over road transport and would also circumvent the problem of major accidents frequently stranding truckers on the highway, which logistically impacts shipments reaching the destination on time.
Delivered the verdict, the judge said she had demonstrated "a firm commitment" to Daesh and had contributed to strengthening the group logistically. "Instead of trying to disengage your son, it seems on the contrary that you encouraged him," the judge said.
The Director Admissions informed that University's point buses will be plying from Hyderabad, Qasimabad, Kotri, Latifabad and Jamshoro Phattak to logistically facilitate the candidates.
"It's great that John and g Steve are on board and about time that owners were listened to," said Soppitt, "but they are both southern-based and the concern is that they might not fully appreciate the difficulties, logistically, that trainers from the North already face with a Wimbledon Derby.
The United States and NATO countries, since years, are helping Iraq to fight the terrorist organization Daash militarily and logistically. / End
Said to be ideal for applications in large buildings where using alternative methods would prove logistically difficult, evaporative coolers can be cost-effective and can reduce the internal air temperature by just a few degrees when required.

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