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 (lô′gə-rē′ə, lŏg′ə-)
Excessive use of words.

log′or·rhe′ic adj.


pertaining to the over use of words or excessive talkativeness
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Logorrheic bloggers aside, does anyone really have that much to say about the controversies of the day?
She presented with personality alteration, psychomotor agitation, elevated mood, incongruous affect, ideoaffective discordance, and tangential, noninformative, and logorrheic speech as well as slightly decreased judgement.
They may exhibit mania and logorrheic verbal outputs, symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of methamphetamine-induced mood disorder with manic features.
A "nonstop talker"8 and an animated storyteller, Julia was the original model for the dozens of logorrheic Superstars, including Brigid Berlin, Ondine, and Viva, whose speed-fueled conversation Warhol obsessively recorded on film, on tape, and in his books.
"Money Talks: The Logorrheic Masquerade in Two Films from 1934." SFC 15.3 (2015): 207-24.
Henry Hardy, perpetual counsel for Isaiah Berlin's defense, contradicts the notion that Berlin was a logorrheic, social climbing timewaster, reminding readers of his letters that he published some hundred and fifty essays and gave a great many lectures.
The same people are present, almost the same conversations picked up where they were left off -- all of them expressed in Sorkin's stylised, logorrheic, flamboyantly witty dialogue, as heard in The West Wing (among other TV shows) and The Social Network in 2011.
The patient is logorrheic, his speech is incoherent, with egophiliac tendencies and a marked concern for the xenopathic elements (visual and auditory hallucinations).