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 (lô′gə-tīp′, lŏg′ə-)
1. Printing A single piece of type bearing two or more usually separate elements.
2. A logo.
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1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a piece of type with several uncombined characters cast on it
2. (Marketing) Also called: logo a trademark, company emblem, or similar device
ˈlogoˌtypy n
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(ˈlɔ gəˌtaɪp, ˈlɒg ə-)

1. Also called logo. a single piece of type bearing two or more uncombined letters, a syllable, or a word.
log′o•typ′y, n.
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Noun1.logotype - a company emblem or devicelogotype - a company emblem or device    
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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The firm is rolling out a new identity, in a rebranding exercise that is geared to reflect kour&kour's response to the widespread recognition within business and marketing executives that "the models are all broken" and that "the traditional solutions are all becoming less and less effective." The overall refresh goes beyond just a logotype, and is more of a scheme composed of a number of core elements that come together to create a distinctive visual language that makes the kour&kour brand instantly recognizable and helps kour&kour stand out and stand for more in a busy, volatile and uncertain region.
Other brand elements include a new logotype, welcoming and youthful for the digital age, as well as a new palette of Lazada colors that reflect the vibrancy of shopping.
The new logotype has evolved to reflect a more modern, simple, versatile, and global brand, with a promise to offer true value, reliable services and provide customers with greater travel opportunities.
Handbags bear a new Cavalli logotype, of two Cs in nail head studs sinuously interlinked like a serpent.
All vehicles will have Mercedes engines and made in Tajikistan logotype," the official said.
CODEWORD 8 9 10 11 12 13 ELLScan DINGBATSgame K Q F V I M (r) original logotype, 1987 21 22 23 24 25 26 USnet SThis puzzle has no clues.
logotype of the 2018 FIFA World Cup during its unveiling ceremony at the Bolshoi Theater building in Moscow, October 28, 2014.
Written by a designer from the Middle East who works for Western agencies and type foundries, the book charts the historical background of Arabic script and Arabic typesetting, then explores type design and typography in Arabic, logotype design and logotype conversion, designing with Arabic script, fine art, and calligraphy.
Using visual examples and case studies, Boutros takes the reader through the entire range of graphic design applications - newspaper and television news typefaces, book jacket designs, corporate and brand identity, logotype conversions, advertising, design for print and fine art.
Featuring a bold red and black Rockwell logotype font above an illustration of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the fresh look provided readers with just a taste of the changes made to the paper's print product and website.