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 (loin′klôth′, -klŏth′)
A strip of cloth worn around the loins.


(Clothing & Fashion) a piece of cloth worn round the loins. Also called: breechcloth


(ˈlɔɪnˌklɔθ, -ˌklɒθ)

n., pl. -cloths (-ˌklɔðz, -ˌklɒðz, -ˌklɔθs, -ˌklɒθs)
a cloth worn around the loins or hips.
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Noun1.loincloth - a garment that provides covering for the loins
dhoti - a long loincloth worn by Hindu men
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
مِئْزَر يُشَد على الخَصْر
bederní zástěrka
bederná zásterka


[ˈlɔɪnklɒθ] Ntaparrabo m, taparrabos m inv


[ˈlɔɪnklɒθ] npagne m


nLendenschurz m


(loin) noun
the back of an animal when cut into pieces for food.
ˈloincloth noun
a piece of cloth worn round the hips, especially in India.
References in classic literature ?
He shall be no naked beast of the jungle, but shall wear a loincloth and copper anklets, and, perchance, a ring in his nose, for he is to be reared by men--a tribe of savage cannibals.
Only short months before this head had been alive, he pondered, quick with wit, attached to a two-legged body that stood erect and that swaggered about, a loincloth and a belted automatic around its middle, more powerful, therefrom, than Bashti, but with less wit, for had not he, Bashti, with an ancient pistol, put darkness inside that skull where wit resided, and removed that skull from the soddenly relaxed framework of flesh and bone on which it had been supported to tread the earth and the deck of the Arangi?
The Aorai swung out a boat smartly, into which sprang half a dozen brown-skinned sailors clad only in scarlet loincloths.
There were trade watches, clasp knives, amazing assortments of fish-hooks in packages, plug tobacco, matches, and gorgeous strips of cotton for loincloths all around.
And he says his only worry is about losing his loincloth like Lee did on stage in London.
One of the pictures, called "Michael", shows the 'Thriller' star striking the same pose as Michelangelo's statue of David with just a loincloth covering his privates.
I was asked to speak to the Caledonian Society of the Isle of Man, only to be told before taking the podium 'Don't speak for too long - we also have entertainment"' Lord (David) Steel, former leader of the Liberal Party "I've done elephant-riding in a loincloth, and let me tell you, it's like straddling a barbecue brush" Hollywood actor Brendan Fraser "I have always believed that the biggest danger to the survival of man is not war or terrorism or the threat of a nuclear bomb, but a virus which really will outwit man's capabilities.
I'd like my Joseph to be a bit rock'n roll - and of course he needs to look really good in a loincloth.
As a consequence of the first half's characters, Jesus is portrayed wearing a loincloth, compared to the pre-interval nappy, while God, Mary and Satan also make appearances.
The fact is that the difference is a virtue with each Doctor, it's not like you're casting Tarzan where you've got to have somebody who looks good in a loincloth, it can be anything.
But the loincloth was the earliest real undergarment worn by humans.
What we got was a slight American chap, clad only in a loincloth and bandana, proclaiming Hallelujah with the aid of a guitar.