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Noun1.long horse - a gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongatedlong horse - a gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongated; used lengthwise for vaulting
gymnastic horse, horse - a padded gymnastic apparatus on legs
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As he left the room Ronnie would say, "Okay, carry on," and go for a nice long horse ride.
One woman was terrified at seeing an eel-like beast with jaws like a shark RICHARD FREEMAN yesterday 30ft How long horse eels are said to be capable of growing to 60s Decade in which the hunt for these legendary creatures began in Ireland
She was a life long horse enthusiast and fox hunter who continued to support fox hunting even after she stopped riding herself.
Just surviving foul weather, long horse rides, steep climbs, and other inevitable trials can require huge energy.
Outside, St Helens is approached via a long horse chestnut tree-lined driveway, planted with snowdrops and daffodils, and flanked by fenced and gated paddocks.
Her journey, dubbed the Long Horse Ride, is designed to promote good relations between Britain and China.
"To play this, one boy from a team stood with his back to a wall and the first boy would make a piggy back by bending down before him and holding on to the top of his trousers, the others would then follow suit making a long horse stretching into the play ground.
In addition to Solomon Andrews' efforts, Pwllheli Corporation ran a half-mile long horse tramway from the station to South Beach from 1899 to 1919.
All the features which were to become the set pieces of writing on Gippsland are included in Haygarth's account: bush musters, hunting cattle in gullies, long horse rides in the forests, bushrangers hunted by mounted police, ex-convicts as station hands, bush shepherds living solitary- lives on outstations, the depredations of Aborigines, the excitement and dangers of exploring new country, the constant sense of isolation.
The beautiful eagle bustles tipped with long horse hair provide an awesome spatial relationship for Rudy.
The methods are the fusion of components from many traditions including a "Long Horse Tradition" of an unidentified northern Puget Sound group, the pipe ceremony of the Plains region, the sweat lodge, Shaker rituals, and Plains sage incensing.