long underwear

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long′ un′derwear

a close-fitting, usu. knitted undergarment with legs reaching to the ankles, worn as protection against cold.
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Noun1.long underwear - an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piecelong underwear - an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piece
undergarment, unmentionable - a garment worn under other garments
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A little work right now will save lots of time and frustration when we are more worried about long underwear than bug spray.
The Brooklyn Defender Services legal aid group said some inmates didn't have summer clothing, only long underwear provided by the group last winter.
In winters, long underwear is preferred to provide extra warmth.
For clothing, think layers: long underwear that wicks away sweat; a middle layer for warmth; and a waterproof outer layer.
With Vojto Slacik, a friend of mine, we smeared tallow on our bodies, we put on wool jumpers, long underwear, swim caps, under which we also placed woollen hats.
Items donated by the airport included, insulated salopettes, thermal long underwear, waterproofs, gloves, jackets, footwear, jumpers, t-shirts, coats, a tent, sleeping bags, camp bed and foam sleeping mats.
The weather is completely unpredictable, so it is advised you pack both long underwear and sunscreen.
* To stay warm at home, wear long underwear, along with socks and slippers.
Long underwear is preferred to offer extra warmth to wearers during winters.
For water temperatures below 60 degrees, the table prescribes a dry suit over a liner and long underwear.
Gloves, hats, warm socks, long underwear and heavy coats are the order of the day with temperatures of about 15 degrees that will feel like 30 below zero when the wind blows.