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Curves have generally been steepening today, in part on the potential for more long-dated supply, but also on the optimism on trade and the rally in stocks.
Since lower dollar funding costs give long-dated bonds a disproportionate boost, investment-grade issuers who are currently able to issue long-dated credit have gained the most.
It is using long-dated UK pension money to invest in our cities and towns; creating real jobs, high quality and varied housing and better infrastructure.
Sources told the FT that the proposed bad bank is known internally as the non-core asset unit and will comprise mainly of long-dated derivatives.
An inverted curve, where long-dated yields are below short-dated ones, has proved a powerful recessionary indicator.
On the other hand, outstanding treasury bonds slightly declined to P4.582 trillion from P4.588 trillion in the previous month as some long-dated securities matured.
--Continued focus on the expansion of long-dated and permanent capital vehicles due to their increased management fee stability and investment flexibility;
Meanwhile, the treasury also said that the scheduled auctions next week of short-term and long-dated IOUs are cancelled.
The long-dated debt securities were worth USD7.5bn and were sold on January 9.
Persimmon will sell power into the Southern Power Pool market under a long-dated energy hedge provided by an affiliate of Citi.
Global insurer American International Group and private equity and financial services firm The Carlyle Group are forming a partnership to build a standalone provider of reinsurance, claims handling and run-off management services for long-dated, complex risks to the global insurance industry.
Among emerging market economies, Argentina last year sold a 100-year bond in US dollars, joining some countries in the euro zone who have taken advantage of a low-yield environment to sell long-dated bonds.

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