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Noun1.long-eared bat - any of various Old or New World bats having very long earslong-eared bat - any of various Old or New World bats having very long ears
vespertilian bat, vespertilionid - a variety of carnivorous bat
genus Plecotus, Plecotus - a genus of Vespertilionidae
Plecotus townsendi, western big-eared bat - bat of western North America having extremely large ears
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Lesser horseshoe bats became a protected species in the UK in 1981, but the animal is more difficult to help than more widespread species such as the pipistrelle and brown long-eared bat. It has very specific roosting requirements, is extremely sensitive to light, noise and disturbance and, unlike other bats, is unable to crawl so it needs a clear flight path into its roost.
Elsewhere, artist David Gross will be chipping away at his latest creation ( a 6ft long-eared bat.
Keen's Long-eared Bat (Myotis keenii, Vespertilionidae) in Southeast Alaska.
We used chi-square tests to determine the amount of dissimilarity in categorical variables (roost tree species, roost tree condition, tree bark class and roost type) between Indiana and northern long-eared bat roosts.
Nonrandom association patterns at northern long-eared bat maternity roosts.
The objective of our study was to examine the roosting behavior of the western long-eared bat, Myotis evotis, in terms of roost selection, roost fidelity and movement.
'We remain very concerned about a number of species, particularly the brown long-eared bat, which we fear may be starting to show signs of decline,' she said.