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Adj.1.long-familiar - frequently experienced; known closely or intimately; "a long-familiar face"; "a well-known voice reached her ears"
familiar - well known or easily recognized; "a familiar figure"; "familiar songs"; "familiar guests"
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They were married in the sunshine of the old orchard, circled by the loving and kindly faces of long-familiar friends.
Its prow had scarcely touched when the ape-man leaped to shore--his heart beat fast in joy and exultation as each long-familiar object came beneath his roving eyes--the cabin, the beach, the little brook, the dense jungle, the black, impenetrable forest.
This is why it was, that, even as he sat before her on his sofa, in the brilliant light of a bright Italian day, the wonderful city without and the splendours of an old palace within, she saw him at the moment in the long-familiar gloom of his Marshalsea lodging, and wished to take her seat beside him, and comfort him, and be again full of confidence with him, and of usefulness to him.
Yet across this volume, the only parallels drawn, in passing, are long-familiar ones to famous figures such as Audrey Beardsley and Gustav Klimt.
Compared with those long-familiar plagues, the explosion in drug addiction and overdose deaths in the United States still feels new enough to startle us: After all, it was belatedly declared a national emergency only last year.
The general election of 1958 was the first one since 1920 where Winnipeg voters returned to our long-familiar system of marking their single preferred candidate with an X.
Long-familiar political names again dominated the recent survey results of potential candidates who have a 'statistical chance of winning' in the 2019 senatorial elections.
This unusual approach yields new insights about long-familiar events, making his experiment ingenious and successful.
Head bowed but eyes alert, treading a long-familiar path?
She provides a fresh lens with which we can return to well-wrought phrases and long-familiar texts.
He bids me a personable goodbye and exits--future novelties forgotten, he's once again playing a long-familiar, clearly happy role: Dad.--Patrick Dillon