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Adj.1.long-jawed - having relatively long jaws
jawed - of animals having jaws of a specified type
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"If you dare open that swine's mouth against me," shouted the woodman, "I'll crop your ears for you before the hangman has the doing of it, thou long-jawed lackbrain."
Along the banks of three rivers around the Great Lakes, scientists collected two types of spiders: long-jawed spiders and orb weaving spiders.
Trono said the strategic action program focused on the management and conservation of small pelagic fishes such as sardines, long-jawed mackerel, big-eye and round scads, and frigate mackerel, a major source of food for most people in the area.
Some of the most common garden spiders include Grass spiders, Orb Web Weavers, Long-jawed spiders, Cobweb Weavers, Wolf spiders, Sac spiders, Crab spiders and Jumping spiders (now there's a name guaranteed to grab an arachnophobe's attention!).