(lông′lī′nər, lŏng′-)
1. A person who fishes using a longline.
2. A vessel used for long-lining.
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A Peruvian long-liner and its seven-member crew had been adrift for four days.
Also Portugal and Spain will split 50/50 the 12 long-liner licences available.
We quickly determined the contact was a Taiwanese long-liner fishing boat that had crossed the Pacific to bring back a catch of fish to sell in Taiwan.
Ha Ho Don, the 57-year-old South Korean captain of the 73-ton Sol Fresh long-liner, said the vessel capsized due to strong waves in the area, according to the coast guard.
Along the way he has been a lobsterman, a stonecrabber, a long-liner, and, for a brief time in the late 1970s, a marijuana smuggler for Colombia's Escobar clan.
Chong Yong Gi, 50, the captain of the 22-ton long-liner Pyoong Ruen, was allegedly operating in the Sea of Japan, about 23 kilometers off Tsushima Island in the prefecture, at 3:50 p.m.
The coast guard has sent aircraft and patrol boats to rescue the crew of the 9.77-ton long-liner Pyeong Jin to the site off the Goto Islands in the prefecture.
In practice, the FAO definition varies between countries, for example from gleaning or a one-man canoe in poor developing countries, to the more than 20-meter trawlers, seiners, or long-liners in developed ones.
Referring to the long coastline, Modi said the central government has given Rs1bn to Tamil Nadu for converting 750 fishing boats to long-liners for deep sea fishing.
Mostly caught as by-catch by long-liners, opah are found in Hawaii and from southern California to the Gulf of Alaska, in eastern Australia and New Zealand.
Of its many threats, long-liners fishing for swordfish and yellowfin tuna are one of the worst.