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Adj.1.long-snouted - having a snout that is longer than average
long - primarily spatial sense; of relatively great or greater than average spatial extension or extension as specified; "a long road"; "a long distance"; "contained many long words"; "ten miles long"
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Ogg's and its neighborhood were there; and it would have been worth while to come even from a distance, to see the fine old hall, with its open roof and carved oaken rafters, and great oaken folding-doors, and light shed down from a height on the many-colored show beneath; a very quaint place, with broad faded stripes painted on the walls, and here and there a show of heraldic animals of a bristly, long-snouted character, the cherished emblems of a noble family once the seigniors of this now civic hall.
Then came a picture of a cheerful and corpulent ecclesiastic in a shovel hat, sitting opposite a very thin European, and the inscription: "Lunch with Fra Cristofero at Rosario." Studies of women and babies accounted for several more pages, and then there was an unbroken series of animal drawings with such explanations as "Manatee upon Sandbank," "Turtles and Their Eggs," "Black Ajouti under a Miriti Palm"--the matter disclosing some sort of pig-like animal; and finally came a double page of studies of long-snouted and very unpleasant saurians.
Reeves also brings a kneeling ancestor figure from the Sepik region in Papua New Guinea, with human limbs and torso crowned by a long-snouted, zoomorphic head on top of which is balanced a gourd.
The first, which the researchers have dubbed 'Gorynychus masyutinae', was a wolf-sized carnivore, while the second, named 'Nochnitsa geminidens', was a smaller, long-snouted carnivore with needle-like teeth.
While one of the species, now named Gorynychus masyutinae, was a wolf-sized carnivore and would have been the largest predator in the region, the other, called Nochnitsa geminidens, was a bit smaller, long-snouted animal with extremely sharp needle-like teeth.
When a family of long-snouted coatis (related to raccoons) emerged from the nearby forest and clambered onto the porch at Buenaventura searching for a snack, it was clear that we had arrived in an Ecuadorean nature nirvana.
Although the exhibition title put the accent on drawing--understandably, since the show included some 180 works on paper--three paintings of Nixon were also on display, among them an outrageous masterpiece, San Clemente, 1975, showing the tearful, long-snouted, monstrously swollen-cheeked and mouthless former president at the seaside dragging his massively swollen left foot as if he were its appendage rather than it his.
The beasts are a menagerie of the weird and wondrous, including an emotionally needy woodland biped called a Bowtruckle and a long-snouted burrowing mammal called a Niffler.
speeding, long-snouted silver Mercedes sports coupe driven by a certain
Also known as long-beaked or long-snouted dolphins, they usually feed at night on small fish and squid.
Palaeontologists had been uncertain about the existence of long-snouted tyrannosaurs until the "remarkably well-preserved" remains of the dinosaur - whose scientific name is Qianzhousaurus sinensis - were unearthed.
Along with Alioramus from Mongolia, it shows long-snouted tyrannosaurids were widely distributed in Asia.