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Adj.1.long-spurred - of flowers having a long extension at the base of the corolla
short-spurred - of flowers have a short extension at the base of the corolla
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Yellow, Northern Bog, Long-Spurred, Gardener, Mother, Lover I see a
The flowers of the horticultural varieties that have been bred from the native Aquilegia canadensis ('Songbird' series, 'Mckana' hybrids) are long-spurred, whereas those bred from the European A.
Getting comfortable, staying motionless, practicing vigilance, and, perhaps most important, having the ability to set a call down and not use it every sixty seconds have put three long-spurred three-year-olds and a hard-charging two-year-old tom in Phil's pocket.
White-flowered Rocky Mountain Columbine, above, produces a large quantity of flowers that are large, white and long-spurred.
The selection offers pom-poms, long-spurred, fabulous fragrant forms and such a wealth of colour it will be aptly called Cottage RICHES
The long-spurred types are perhaps the best but again there are double flowered varieties like A.
In springtime, when masses of colorful, long-spurred columbine flowers nod gracefully above tall stems, they resemble fluttering butterflies that dazzle the eye.