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 (lŏng′gə-nĭm′ĭ-tē, lông′-)
Calmness in the face of suffering and adversity; forbearance.

[Middle English longanimite, from Old French, from Late Latin longanimitās, from longanimis, patient : Latin longus, long; see longitude + Latin animus, mind, reason; see anə- in Indo-European roots.]
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rare patience or forbearance
[C15: from Late Latin longanimitās, from longanimis forbearing, from longus long + animus mind, soul]
longanimous adj
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(ˌlɒŋ gəˈnɪm ɪ ti, ˌlɔŋ-)

patient endurance of hardship or injuries; forbearance.
[1400–50; longanimyte < Late Latin longanimitās <longanimi(s) patient (Latin long(us) long1 + animus spirit) + -tās -ty2]
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Noun1.longanimity - good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetencelonganimity - good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence
good nature - a cheerful, obliging disposition
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There (l) be some actions that are purely and simply morall, and such as can only concerne the reasonable or Intellectuall Nature, and are imediately & simply Directed to the concernes of a rationall life; such are (m) those that either are (a) relative to Almighty God; as the Love fear and obedience of his Commands Sincerity Integrity and worship of Him, or such as concern directly humane Society, as Justice and Equity Charity, Friendship, Benificence, Longanimity, Veracity and the various offices of human Society, and these and (b) like, are, called Actions Morall, and come under the commanding and the contrary under the prohibiting Sanction of a Law properly so (c) called;
He also hailed the success of the summit which he said was chaired by the King of Bahrain "with all the wisdom, patience and longanimity that positively contributed to the success of our 33rd Summit."
And thus I have run thro some Specimina Legis Naturalis [examples of the natural law], I take not upon me to give an exact Catalogue, or System of Natural Laws, I know I have omitted many, as namely Charity, Compassion, remitting offences upon repentance for injuryes Longanimity, Clemency the various partitions (m) and instances of distributive and commutative Justice; together with the various temperaments of them, my designe was not to pursue all the Capita Legis naturalis [heads of the natural law], but to give such instances to make what I say and shall say touching the Laws of Nature the more intelligible (n) and applicable;