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Noun1.longbeard - a stoneware drinking jug with a long necklongbeard - a stoneware drinking jug with a long neck; decorated with a caricature of Cardinal Bellarmine (17th century)
jug - a large bottle with a narrow mouth
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"But it's like I tell guys, we put this stuff on paper, and this TSS and this Winchester Longbeard stuff is lead on steroids.
You see, there are several different routes for them to follow once Big Daddy Longbeard assembles the harem and leaves the flydown area.
And for several years, Captain Longbeard and his crew of pirates would dock in Bay St.
In it's debut year, the Longbeard placed 54 pellets in a 3-inch circle at 40 yards.
Branded with the highly-popular Bone Collector Logo, TruGlo's newest choke is designed for turkey hunters looking to ensure a one-shot encounter each time a longbeard struts into range.
A prime example is Thomas Lodge's The Life and Death of William Longbeard (1593) that uses Robert Fabyan's Chronicle or Concordance of Histories as 'authoritative historical fact' (p.
From then to May 22, our forests will be occupied by deceivers, or at least wanna-be deceivers, hoping to attract a big longbeard. It's tough to fool a male turkey into thinking you're a hard-to-get female and lure him in within shooting range.
New York State turkey hunters follow a spring ritual, pursuing gobbling toms with a passion that can result putting a "longbeard" or two in the freezer, but this potential exists in fall as well.
This collection foreshadowed his varied activity for the next 12 years: in verse (Scillaes Metamorphosis, 1589; Phillis, 1593; A Fig for Momus, 1595); in romances (Rosalynde, 1590; Robert, Second Duke of Normandy, 1591; Euphues Shadow, 1592; William Longbeard, 1593; A Margarite of America, 1596); in pamphlets ("Catharos," 1591; "The Divel Conjured," 1596; Wits Miserie, and the Worlds Madnesse, 1596; Prosopopeia, 1596); and in plays (The Wounds of Civill War, 1594; with Robert Greene, A Looking Glasse for London and England, 1594).
A few seconds later his bright-red head periscoped out of the cover, and the longbeard strutted up to my jake decoy.
For those fortunate enough to hunt private land, aggressive calling in a run-and-gun approach can be the quickest way to tagging a longbeard. Those hunters forced to target turkeys on public lands must be willing to get far off the beaten path to find less pressured and therefore less wary gobblers.
Our only hope was that as the morning wore on the hens would go to nest and a longbeard would be in search of lingering ladies.