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 (lông′hâr′, lŏng′-)
n. Informal
1. One dedicated to the arts and especially to classical music.
2. One whose taste in the arts is considered to be overrefined.
3. A person with long hair, especially a hippie.
4. A domestic cat with a long-haired coat, such as a Persian cat.

long′hair′ adj.


informal US a man with long hair


(ˈlɔŋˌhɛər, ˈlɒŋ-)
1. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. an intellectual.
2. Informal. a person devoted to the arts, esp. a lover of classical music.
3. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. a person having long hair, esp. a hippie.
4. a domestic cat having long fur.
5. having long hair: a longhair cat.
6. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. of or characteristic of longhairs or their tastes.
Also, long′haired`.
usage: Definitions 1, 3, and 6 are sometimes used with disparaging intent.
References in classic literature ?
There are the gushing young ladies who, having read "David Copperfield," have thereupon sought out a small, longhaired dog of nondescript breed, possessed of an irritating habit of criticising a man's trousers, and of finally commenting upon the same by a sniff indicative of contempt and disgust.
Roberta Jones, 71, and her daughterin-law Catherine Jones were walking eight-month-old miniature longhaired dachshund, Nikki, at Seaton Carew on Sunday.
The first is to groom longhaired cats daily from when they are kittens.
The obscure breed is actually known as the Deutsch Langhaar, also sometimes called the German longhaired pointer.
It started badly with a trip to the vets to fix my lacerated ear - a gift from the longhaired cat up the road.
Connolly is longhaired, rides a motorbike and is married to Pamela Stephenson, a New Zealander by birth who studied acting in Australia.
Carina Archbold said the seven-year-old African grey parrot, George, which is grey with a red tail, and the dog, Ruby, a longhaired Chihuahua, were stolen from her house in Clonsilla, near Swords, Co Dublin.
Boo Boo, a four-inch-tall longhaired female chihuahua, was named the world's smallest living dog by the Guinness Book of World Records in May 2007.
As he yearns for his famous outlaw parents, he takes hope from his longhaired teenage neighbour who predicts: They will come for you, man.
The longhaired Detroit rocker strode down the red carpet before the show with actress - and sometime girlfriend - Pamela Anderson, whose eye-popping dress drew as much attention as any of the award winners, presenters or performers.
Fluffy Frodo, a semi longhaired young adult, was brought to the RSPCA home in Halewood as a stray.
I ain't askin' nobody for nothing, if I can't get it on my own/If you don't like the way I'm livin', just leave this longhaired country boy alone.