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 (lông′hâr′, lŏng′-)
n. Informal
1. One dedicated to the arts and especially to classical music.
2. One whose taste in the arts is considered to be overrefined.
3. A person with long hair, especially a hippie.
4. A domestic cat with a long-haired coat, such as a Persian cat.

long′hair′ adj.


informal US a man with long hair


(ˈlɔŋˌhɛər, ˈlɒŋ-)
1. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. an intellectual.
2. Informal. a person devoted to the arts, esp. a lover of classical music.
3. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. a person having long hair, esp. a hippie.
4. a domestic cat having long fur.
5. having long hair: a longhair cat.
6. Informal: Sometimes Disparaging. of or characteristic of longhairs or their tastes.
Also, long′haired`.
usage: Definitions 1, 3, and 6 are sometimes used with disparaging intent.
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Part of the amazing nascent punk scene was the fact that it was all over the map: longhairs hanging out with spiked hairs, transsexuals, artists, bell bottoms, freaks and weirdos, you name it.
Cats seen at Banfield clinics for ear infections of all kinds are usually domestic shorthairs or longhairs.
This warts and all (pardon the pun) account of his rise to hard rock iconoclast - by way of a childhood spent in Anglesey - is essential reading for all longhairs.
However there wasn't much of an age difference between the teenyboppers and the "heads", as they would call the longhairs in those days.
In a preemptive move, my father had dragged me into VIP kicking and screaming because, out in the streets, soldiers were pulling longhairs out of jeepneys and giving them buzz cuts on the spot, in those first few weeks after martial law was declared.
But, despite there being a gulf of 3,000 miles and almost 50 years in the music business between them, US longhairs Lynyrd Skynyrd have handpicked Aberdare group Fireroad to support them on stage during their upcoming boat tour of the Bahamas.
A group of lettuce-toking longhairs kidnapped seven geese from a lake in Washington state, taking them into hiding.
Many young leftists wrote off the hippies as blissed-out zombies, and many longhairs deeply distrusted politics and preferred to pursue personal liberation, which might mean anything from LSD to pop Buddhism.
Fuck you longhairs, your pet monkeys, and the horse you rode in on," he said.
Had "Starrider" been the signature song for Foreigner back in 1977, odds are the Hanover in 2008 would have been packed with aging longhairs and guitar geeks from Berklee instead of writhing baby boomers.
In the legendary space hippies episode (which is both disdained as a low point in series quality and beloved as unintentional comedy), the crazy longhairs come close to destroying the Enterprise in their kooky search for a California-style "Eden.