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or long house  (lông′hous′)
A long communal dwelling, especially of certain Native American, Polynesian, and Indonesian peoples.
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Priced at PS695,000, The Longhouse, Earsdon, Morpeth, Northumberland, is for sale through Strutt and Parker.
Trewallter Fawr, in the Vale of Glamorgan, is a beautiful Grade IIlisted longhouse, complete with a 1.
Visiting Vikings will set up an encampment around a replica longhouse and longship on Unst and demonstrate their crafts, combat and way of life.
SET above the bustling shopping hub of Culverhouse Cross is Longhouse - an impressive gastropub in a refurbished 17th century longhouse - which offers a step back in time with roaring fires, original features and cracking views over the capital.
Also on display are a faithful replica of an Anglo Saxon longhouse and a Vietnam War bunker in Staffordshire.
Monday at Many Nations Longhouse, 1630 Columbia St.
The complex comprises a five-bedroom thatched Devon Longhouse, four thatched self-catering cottages and four Mongolian yurts as well as a communal amenity barn, indoor swimming pool and games room.
The legend relates the hunting expedition of Tuked Rini, a longhouse leader of extraordinary powers, for the spirit-stone animal called the Spirit Tiger Rock in the company of his male relatives and followers.
The Benuaq Dayak referred to in this Research Note inhabit four main longhouse communities along the Ohong River (Ohookng in their language), Mancong, Muara Nayan, Lempunah, and Pentat, in Kecamatan (district) Jempang, Kutai Barat, East Kalimantan.
Older women in a lineage, called matrons or clan mothers, directed longhouse life where multiple related families, typically 25 to 60 people, lived under a maternal hand.
East Hampton's Longhouse Reserve--a sculpture garden, art museum, and educational organization founded by textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen--hosted its "White Hot + Blue 2" summer benefit on July 19.