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or long house  (lông′hous′)
A long communal dwelling, especially of certain Native American, Polynesian, and Indonesian peoples.
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Federal Territories MIC chairman Datuk Rajah Symon hit out today at Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh, accusing her of steamrolling over the wishes of the largely Indian longhouse residents in Taman Rimba Kiara who have been waiting nearly four decades for permanent housing.
QUITE what heights Longhouse Sale will reach remains to be seen, but the sky remains the limit following an eighth successive victory.
STRATFORD: 2.20 Henrietta Bell, 2.55 Goldslinger, 3.30 Graceland, 4.05 Miles To Milan, 4.45 Longhouse Sale, 5.20 Cape Fair.
The longhouse's roomy interior for dining and socials
The Celtic Longhouse stage - the atmospheric heart of the festival - will play host to top singers and players from the south-west alongside a mix of international acts from the traditional and electronic music scene.
With a roof made from GreenCoat colour coated steel, from SSAB, the Longhouse has been featured on the Dutch TV programme BinnensteBuiten, and has further increased interest in sustainable building trends.
Fashioned to echo the Scottish "longhouse" style (where, during ancient times, animals lived at one side with humans at the other), the rectilinear fantasy is clad in dramatic black siding and set under a slick steel roof.
Gaharu tea today offers a promising price [US$1.45 per kilogram] when exported to China,' said Manggat Anak Meringai, head of the longhouse, which is a traditional gathering place for the Dayak community, in Ulu Menyang.
The current longhouse was built in 1988 and is one of several Iban settlements situated along the Engkari river.
The same social dances were performed in all the Six Nations of the Confederacy, as it was considered one longhouse. All the dances are still done in all longhouses, and we are all included from oldest to youngest.
Trewallter Fawr, in the Vale of Glamorgan, is a beautiful Grade IIlisted longhouse, complete with a 1.5 acre garden designed with an extensive lawned area, mature trees, and a raised kitchen garden - perfect for pets or children to run around and enjoy.