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Chiefly Upper Northern US See long johns.
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Incredibly, I had just come out of short pants, only second year boys being allowed 'longies' at my High School in Walton!
The draw is as follows: Howell's Five v Kens Five, The Zoo Five v Sunday Five, Bentley Road v Schoolboy Champions, John Die'sel A v Caddy Nomads, Deano's Five v Longies Layabouts, Wilf's Five v Phil's Marauders, The Crew v The Dipsticks, Alfie's Five v Cabbage Cracks.
This was the decade when I settled into my new high school in Walton, wore shorts in my first year, went into 'longies' in my second year, and was soon aspiring to a pair of Beatle Boots with high Cuban heels and a black polo-neck sweater, just like John, Paul, George, and Ringo.