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 (lŏn′jĭ-to͞od′n-əl, -tyo͞od′-, lôn′-)
a. Of or relating to longitude or length: a longitudinal reckoning by the navigator; made longitudinal measurements of the hull.
b. Concerned with the development of persons or groups over time: a longitudinal study of twins.
2. Placed or running lengthwise: longitudinal stripes.

lon′gi·tu′di·nal·ly adv.
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(ˌlɒndʒɪˈtjuːdɪnəl; ˌlɒŋɡ-)
1. (Physical Geography) of or relating to longitude or length
2. placed or extended lengthways. Compare transverse1
3. (Psychology) psychol (of a study of behaviour) carried on over a protracted period of time
ˌlongiˈtudinally adv
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(ˌlɒn dʒɪˈtud n l, -ˈtyud-)

1. of or pertaining to longitude or length: longitudinal measurement.
2. extending in the direction of the length of a thing; lengthwise.
3. of or extending along the long axis of the body, or the direction from front to back, or head to tail.
4. pertaining to a research design or survey in which the same subjects are observed repeatedly over a period of time.
[1535–45; < Latin longitūdin-, s. of longitūdō (see longitude) + -al1]
lon`gi•tu′di•nal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.longitudinal - of or relating to lines of longitude; "longitudinal reckoning by the navigator"
2.longitudinal - running lengthwise; "a thin longitudinal strip"; "longitudinal measurements of the hull"
lengthways, lengthwise - running or extending in the direction of the length of a thing; "the lengthwise dimension"
3.longitudinal - over an extended time; "a longitudinal study of twins"
long - primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified; "a long life"; "a long boring speech"; "a long time"; "a long friendship"; "a long game"; "long ago"; "an hour long"
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[ˌlɒŋgɪˈtjuːdɪnl] ADJlongitudinal
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[ˌlɒndʒɪˈtjuːdɪnəl] adjlongitudinal(e)long johns [ˈlɒŋdʒɒnz] nplcaleçons mpl longslong jump n (SPORT)saut m en longueurlong jumper n (SPORT)sauteur/euse m/f en longueurlong-lasting [ˌlɒŋˈlɑːstɪŋ] adjdurablelong-legged [ˌlɒŋˈlɛgd ˌlɒŋˈlɛgɪd] adj [person] → aux jambes longues; [animal] → à longues patteslong-life [ˈlɒŋlaɪf] adj
[batteries] → longue durée inv
[milk] → longue conservationlong-list longlist [ˈlɒŋlɪst]
n [candidates] (for job, award)première liste f de sélection, présélection f
vt [+ candidates] (for job, award)faire figurer sur une première liste de sélection, présélectionner
to be long-listed → figurer sur une première liste de sélection
She was long-listed for the senior team → Elle figurait sur une première liste de sélection pour l'équipe senior.long-lost [ˈlɒŋlɒst] adj [son, brother, friend] → perdu(e) de vue depuis longtempslong-playing [ˌlɒŋˈpleɪɪŋ] adj
long-playing record → (disque m) 33 tours m invlong-range [ˌlɒŋˈreɪndʒ] adj
[missile, rocket] → à longue portée
[planning] → à long terme
[weather forecast] → à long termelong-running [ˌlɒŋˈrʌnɪŋ] adj
[dispute, feud, battle] → long(longue)
[play] → à l'affiche depuis longtemps; [TV programme] → qui dure depuis longtemps
He was best-known for his role in the long-running television series Kojak → Il était surtout connu pour son rôle dans la série Kojak, qui avait duré très longtemps.
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adjLängs-; longitudinal directionLängsrichtung f
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(ˈloŋgitjuːd) noun
the distance, measured in degrees on the map, that a place is east or west of a standard north-south line, usually that which passes through Greenwich. What is the latitude and longitude of that town?
ˌlongiˈtudinal adjective
ˌlongiˈtudinally adverb
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Their noses were but longitudinal slits in the center of their faces, midway between their mouths and ears.
They gained the summit only to find themselves on another ravine, and now perceived that this vast mountain, which had presented such a sloping and even side to the distant beholder on the plain, was shagged by frightful precipices, and seamed with longitudinal chasms, deep and dangerous.
The three ramifications mentioned, of which the Duthumi forms the first link, are separated by immense longitudinal plains.
A very thin and very agile person may, by observing his reflection in a rapid sequence of longitudinal strips, obtain a fairly accurate conception of his looks.
Kory-Kory, with a view of improving the handiwork of nature, and perhaps prompted by a desire to add to the engaging expression of his countenance, had seen fit to embellish his face with three broad longitudinal stripes of tattooing, which, like those country roads that go straight forward in defiance of all obstacles, crossed his nasal organ, descended into the hollow of his eyes, and even skirted the borders of his mouth.
On this view of the whole world, or at least of broad longitudinal belts, having been simultaneously colder from pole to pole, much light can be thrown on the present distribution of identical and allied species.
In general form they resemble little slugs, but are very much narrower in proportion, and several of the species are beautifully coloured with longitudinal stripes.
Heidegger's tires were Palmer's, leaving longitudinal stripes.
For the benefit of graduate students planning a dissertation and early career faculty planning a qualitative longitudinal study, Derrington combines qualitative longitudinal sections from articles and books and translate them into action with examples.
a first longitudinal end region extending from the first transverse side of the central region directionally along the longitudinally extending centerline away from the central region; c.
The longitudinal load-bearing and force-transference mechanisms of ballast beds are highly complex because of the discreteness and composition of ballast track structures and the repeatability of loads [13, 14].