longitudinal section

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longitu′dinal sec′tion

the representation of an object as it would appear if cut by the vertical plane passing through the longest axis of the object.
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The main mineralization corridor was targeted using drill hole spacing of approximately 70 metres, although the actual spacing varies from 15 metres to 100 metres (see Figure 1: longitudinal section below).
Both properties cover possible extensions of Endeavour orebodies (view property map and longitudinal section here).
Photo obtained April 16, 2019 courtesy of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York shows art historian Andrew Tallon's longitudinal section laser scan of Notre-Dame de Paris.
A geological longitudinal section of the tunnel has been constructed which represents its division into different domains based on distinct rock types and rock mass classes i.e.
Taking a longitudinal section of the tooth by grinding on sandpapers with hand (timing: 40 min)
A transverse and a longitudinal section were obtained from each muscle.
In the experimental group, the tube was inserted into the esophagus with a depth of 20-25 cm and was then observed in the esophageal cross-section [Figure 1] or longitudinal section. An ultrasonic probe was first properly positioned before it was used to inject 10 ml of gas into the feeding tube, during which ultrasonographic changes in the esophagus were monitored.
Cleft grafting with use of silicone clip (A) and longitudinal section (B), cleft grafting with Parafilm[R] tape (C) and longitudinal section (D) and simple english type grafting using Parafilm[R] tape (E) and longitudinal section (F).
All subjects underwent 50 MHz panoramic UBM (MD-300L, MEDA Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China) examinations firstly, then underwent 25 MHz panoramic UBM (MD-320, MEDA Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China) examinations after ten minutes of rest with the same gain (75 dB), indoor light, and watching distance (33 cm) to capture axial and longitudinal section images of the lens at the Eye Department of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University (Shenyang, Liaoning, China) by an experienced examiner (S.M.Y).
Thus, for the case of cross-section, longitudinal section and "birdcage" strategy all the linear distance between all cross-sections and angular distance between longitudinal sections is the same.
Away from the external bend, flow turns into down flow in the longitudinal section at distances of 15 and 30% of the channel width from outer bank (Figures 5b and c).

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