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 (lŏn′jĭ-to͞od′n-əl, -tyo͞od′-, lôn′-)
a. Of or relating to longitude or length: a longitudinal reckoning by the navigator; made longitudinal measurements of the hull.
b. Concerned with the development of persons or groups over time: a longitudinal study of twins.
2. Placed or running lengthwise: longitudinal stripes.

lon′gi·tu′di·nal·ly adv.


(ˌlɒndʒɪˈtjuːdɪnəl; ˌlɒŋɡ-)
1. (Physical Geography) of or relating to longitude or length
2. placed or extended lengthways. Compare transverse1
3. (Psychology) psychol (of a study of behaviour) carried on over a protracted period of time
ˌlongiˈtudinally adv


(ˌlɒn dʒɪˈtud n l, -ˈtyud-)

1. of or pertaining to longitude or length: longitudinal measurement.
2. extending in the direction of the length of a thing; lengthwise.
3. of or extending along the long axis of the body, or the direction from front to back, or head to tail.
4. pertaining to a research design or survey in which the same subjects are observed repeatedly over a period of time.
[1535–45; < Latin longitūdin-, s. of longitūdō (see longitude) + -al1]
lon`gi•tu′di•nal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.longitudinal - of or relating to lines of longitude; "longitudinal reckoning by the navigator"
2.longitudinal - running lengthwise; "a thin longitudinal strip"; "longitudinal measurements of the hull"
lengthways, lengthwise - running or extending in the direction of the length of a thing; "the lengthwise dimension"
3.longitudinal - over an extended time; "a longitudinal study of twins"
long - primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified; "a long life"; "a long boring speech"; "a long time"; "a long friendship"; "a long game"; "long ago"; "an hour long"
boylama aitboylamsal


[ˌlɒŋgɪˈtjuːdɪnl] ADJlongitudinal


[ˌlɒndʒɪˈtjuːdɪnəl] adjlongitudinal(e)long johns [ˈlɒŋdʒɒnz] nplcaleçons mpl longslong jump n (SPORT)saut m en longueurlong jumper n (SPORT)sauteur/euse m/f en longueurlong-lasting [ˌlɒŋˈlɑːstɪŋ] adjdurablelong-legged [ˌlɒŋˈlɛgd ˌlɒŋˈlɛgɪd] adj [person] → aux jambes longues; [animal] → à longues patteslong-life [ˈlɒŋlaɪf] adj
[batteries] → longue durée inv
[milk] → longue conservationlong-list longlist [ˈlɒŋlɪst]
n [candidates] (for job, award)première liste f de sélection, présélection f
vt [+ candidates] (for job, award)faire figurer sur une première liste de sélection, présélectionner
to be long-listed → figurer sur une première liste de sélection
She was long-listed for the senior team → Elle figurait sur une première liste de sélection pour l'équipe senior.long-lost [ˈlɒŋlɒst] adj [son, brother, friend] → perdu(e) de vue depuis longtempslong-playing [ˌlɒŋˈpleɪɪŋ] adj
long-playing record → (disque m) 33 tours m invlong-range [ˌlɒŋˈreɪndʒ] adj
[missile, rocket] → à longue portée
[planning] → à long terme
[weather forecast] → à long termelong-running [ˌlɒŋˈrʌnɪŋ] adj
[dispute, feud, battle] → long(longue)
[play] → à l'affiche depuis longtemps; [TV programme] → qui dure depuis longtemps
He was best-known for his role in the long-running television series Kojak → Il était surtout connu pour son rôle dans la série Kojak, qui avait duré très longtemps.


adjLängs-; longitudinal directionLängsrichtung f


(ˈloŋgitjuːd) noun
the distance, measured in degrees on the map, that a place is east or west of a standard north-south line, usually that which passes through Greenwich. What is the latitude and longitude of that town?
ˌlongiˈtudinal adjective
ˌlongiˈtudinally adverb
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Widespread WM fiber tracts were affected in patients, especially in certain key brain regions, such as the arcuate fasciculus, fasciculi longitudinalis superior, and corpus callosum.
A: Left view of the Dorcas gazelle (Gazella dorcas) stomach; B: Right view of the dorcas gazelle stomach; 1: Reticulum; 2: Rumen, Saccus dorsalis; 3: Rumen, Saccus ventralis; 4: Abomasum; 5: Rumen, Saccus cecus caudodorsalis; 6: Rumen, Saccus cecus caudoventralis; 7: Omasum; 8: Spleen; 9: Sulcus longitudinalis sinister; 10: Sulcus longitudinalis dexter; 11: Sulcus accesorius dexter; 12: Duodenum.
The genus Argentoleon (Stange, 1994) has known distribution in South America and includes two species Argentoleon irrigatus (Gerstaecker, 1894) and Argentoleon longitudinalis (Navas, 1914) (Stange 1994).