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 (lŏn′jĭ-to͞od′n-əl, -tyo͞od′-, lôn′-)
a. Of or relating to longitude or length: a longitudinal reckoning by the navigator; made longitudinal measurements of the hull.
b. Concerned with the development of persons or groups over time: a longitudinal study of twins.
2. Placed or running lengthwise: longitudinal stripes.

lon′gi·tu′di·nal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.longitudinally - across time; "We studied the development of the children longitudinally"
2.longitudinally - in the direction of the length; "He cut the paper lengthwise"
3.longitudinally - with respect to longitude; "longitudinally measured"
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hosszúságot illetõen
á lengdina


[ˌlɒŋgɪˈtjuːdɪnəlɪ] ADVlongitudinalmente
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(ˈloŋgitjuːd) noun
the distance, measured in degrees on the map, that a place is east or west of a standard north-south line, usually that which passes through Greenwich. What is the latitude and longitude of that town?
ˌlongiˈtudinal adjective
ˌlongiˈtudinally adverb
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Only once did I perceive a human being, and that was at the intersection of our crossroad with the wide, white turnpike which cuts each cultivated district longitudinally at its exact center.
The road itself is a curious affair; it consists in its whole length, with the exception of very few parts, of great logs of wood, which are either broad and laid longitudinally, or narrow and placed transversely.
This time there were five pieces of ham ranged longitudinally on the plate, with one piece immediately under them at the center of the line.
A centerboard-case divided the room in half longitudinally, and to this was attached the hinged table from which they ate.
Azahara was built between 953-957 AD, which consists of three longitudinally lined main plates separated by two arches, and a fourth transverse overlooking the garden.
It is available with a rear- or all-wheel-drive, with a longitudinally mounted engine.
Eisenbau Kramer (EBK), a leading producer of longitudinally welded steel pipe, has announced a multi-million euro investment in equipment to enhance its products and services
Al Gharbia Pipe Company, a joint venture between Senaat (51%), and two of Japan's leading companies in the steel sector, JFE Steel Corporation and Marubeni-Itochu Steel, is set to be the UAE's first sour service capable, longitudinally welded steel pipe manufacturing plant.
In view of this heterogeneity, a new term, that is, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD), was introduced which encompasses patients with recurrent or isolated, longitudinally extensive myelitis or optic neuritis, longitudinally extensive myelitis or optic neuritis associated with systemic autoimmune disease, brain lesions typical for NMO, and some cases of Asian opticospinal multiple sclerosis (OSMS) [2, 3].
3M announced the availability of its first-generation of highspeed Twin Axial Ribbon Cable - said to be the industry's first flat, foldable and longitudinally shielded high performance twin axial ribbon cable.
and prevent railcars swaying excessively from side to side "this device is not mounted transversely at all but longitudinally, between the bogie frame and the vehicle body.