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 (lông′wīz′, lŏng′-)
adv. & adj.


(ˈlɛŋkθˌwaɪz, ˈlɛŋθ-, ˈlɛnθ-)

also length•ways


adv., adj.
in the direction of the length.
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Adv.1.longwise - in the direction of the length; "He cut the paper lengthwise"
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After considering for a moment, she hung a handkerchief over the keyhole, and laid an old shawl longwise at the bottom of the door, so as to hide the light in her room from the observation of any one in the house who might wake and come that way.
Meanwhile Sir Percival unlocked a cupboard beneath one of the book-cases, and produced from it a piece of parchment, folded longwise, many times over.
Too much of him longwise, too little of him broadwise, and too many sharp angles of him angle- wise.